::NeoBat steps out from the side curtain and crosses the stage to the podium.  He is dressed in a fine tuxedo but it is apparent that he’s not used to doing so.  Every now and then he fidgets with the collar of his shirt and the sleeves of the jacket.  Upon reaching the podium he looks out upon the gathering and smiles::


NeoBat:  Wow!  There are a lot of new faces here this year.  Glad to see you could all make it.  As I’m sure the older members have already told you that you're now dealing with the lowest point in the show.  It has nothing to do with the festivities.  It’s just that whenever I step out onto the stage, it’s the low point of the show.


::Looks offstage to his left and finds Indy::


NeoBat: And making me fly here in the cargo hold of the plane isn’t helping matters any, Doc.


::Indy shrugs, the audience laughs, and NeoBat continues::


NeoBat: Well, enough about my luxurious flight here.  I’m here to introduce the presenter for Best Website Layout.  This is a homecoming of sorts for her since she hails for this region.  She’s on loan to us from The Colony and has promised to be on her very best behavior while with us.  To her friends she’s known as Anna.  To her enemies she’s known as….well, maybe it’s best we don’t get into that.  After all, there are young folk present.  Ladies and gentlemen please give a warm Golden Acorn Awards welcome to Ms. Anastasia Manninoff.


::The assemblage applauds as the spot falls on stage right and a tall, statuesque neobat steps out and makes her way to the podium.  She is dressed in a beautiful, long, flowing red gown the same hue as her fur and sparkling throughout her red hair are tiny gemstones.  She acknowledges the gathering with a smile and a stately nod.  Upon reaching the podium she extends a hand to Neobat who takes it and with a bow kisses it.  She smiles and pats him on the cheek, turns to the crowd and speaks in a light Russian accent::


Anna:  Greetings, Rangerphiles.  I must compliment you on your choice of venue this year.  You show remarkably good taste.


::More laughter::


Anna: Though I think maybe you could have pick a warmer time of the year.


::She does an exaggerated shiver::


Anna: It is really brisk outside!


::She taps the envelope in her hand against the top of the podium::


Anna: Anyway, as my charming friend has already said, I am here to present the award for Best Website Layout.  As I am sure you are all aware that the layout can either make or break a website.  After all, no matter how good the content may be no one likes a site that is difficult to navigate through.  This is something that I am very aware of since we at The Colony monitor internet traffic rather closely.  But maybe I have already said too much.  Okay!  On with the awards.


Anna: The nominees for Best Website Layout are…


::Squints at the teleprompter::


Ruslan’s Russian CDRR Portal.

LotacatsMunks and Friends

RangerReady’s Rescue Rangers HQ

Lance Burns’ The Ranger Wiki

The Acorn Café.”


::Fumbles with the envelope for a moment::


Anna: And the winner is…Ruslan, RangerReady and Lance Burns!


::Ruslan comes up, somewhat nervous::


Ruslan: I thank all of your for liking the Russian CDRR Portal. Much work went into making it pleasant to navigate. It is good that you recognize that. Thank you.


::Lance walks onto stage and shakes hands with Neobat::

Lance: Thanks all, I'm glad you like what we've done with the Ranger Wiki up to this point. It's only going to get better from here!

::Lance gives a thumbs-up and retreats from the stage. RangerReady comes up next::


R/R: Hey, thanks everyone! The Headquarters is here to stay, and it's great you're enjoying it. Look for more goodies there soon!


::As the three winners head offstage, NeoBat steps up to Anna::


NeoBat: I couldn’t help but notice that you were squinting a bit while reading the teleprompter.  Have you ever thought that maybe you could use some glass-URK!!


Anna (Gripping Neobat by the throat): Were you about to suggest that I need glasses?


NeoBat:  Uh, it was going to be just a little suggestion.


Anna (Smiling):  Nonetheless, it is…a bad one.


NeoBat:  You’re right.  My bad.


Anna(Still smiling):  We all make mistakes, my dear.


::She releases him::


NeoBat (Trying to catch his breath) : Charming to meet you, Anna.


Anna:  No, the pleasure was all mine.  Maybe I will see you at the after party?


NeoBat:  Sure.  First round’s on me.


Anna:  Then it is a date.  Until then, my dear.


::Turns and heads offstage::


NeoBat  (Straightening his jacket):  Wow!  Whadda woman!