Nyperold: The winner is…a tie, between BOC42's James Crissen and Lightindark76's Labartou!


::BOC42 stands up and moves out onto the aisle, where she is met by Jules, who, ever the gentleman, takes Boxy’s arm and escorts her up to the podium::


Boxy: Why thank you, Jules.  Firstly, thank you all so much for this honor.  I have to tell you something about Jules.  He wasn’t supposed to be a villain.  Jules was a static, butler character who was going to nothing but “buttle” until halfway through writing.  And then one night I was lying in my bed thinking, when he showed up and told me that [i]he[/i] was actually the one behind the whole plot.  And I have to say – it scared the heck out of me.


::In the audience, the Rangerphiles laugh::


Boxy: Seriously though, I really was quite fond of this guy until that point.


::Boxy grins at Jules, who gives a small bow::


Boxy: Then again, I suppose I am still pretty fond of him.  Would you like to say anything, Jules?


::Jules takes a step up to the microphone and smiles pleasantly at the audience::


Jules: Why thank you, dear. I would indeed like to thank everyone who voted for me.  I am most grateful to all of you, and very glad that you enjoyed our little adventure together.  I rather hope to be around for more.


::He glances at Boxy, who grins meaningfully and shrugs.  Jules nods and continues in his clipped British accent::


Jules: I believe I shall take that as a good omen for my future, friends.  Thank you again, and I hope you all have a lovely evening.


::Jules again takes Boxy’s arm and escorts her back to her seat. As most of the crowd begins to mutter to each other, Lightindark slowly nods his head in amusement as he sits back in his chair. As everybody looks around, they fail to notice something flying over them until it lands on the stage with a big thud.


Everybody turns their attention toward the stage and finds Labartou standing in front of Nyperold. Everybody falls silent and just watches as Labartou slowly walks toward him. When Labartou reaches him, Nyperold stares into his eyes as he slowly holds up the award. He stopps halfway and holds the award out in front of him so Labartou could take it out of his hand.


Instead, Labartou walks past him without taking the award. Nyperold slowly turns and watches with the award still in hand as Labartou stands in front of the podium. As everybody watches, some shaking their heads and whispering unfavorable things, Labartou just stands there silently for the longest time before speaking::


Labartou: None of you understand. You could never understand. None of you even know the truth. There is so much you still don't know about. There is a beginning...and a eventual end. Yet, how will any you realize that with all the anger and hate, there is despair and regret in a life...


::Leaving the podium, he walks past Nyperold and takes the award without him even noticing. Flying off the stage, he lands in the middle of the aisle. As everybody watches with hateful eyes, he begins to walk up the aisle. At the same time, Foxglove walks down the isle, returning from getting Dale some snacks. When the two cross paths, they stop and stare at each other.


After a few moments, Labartou walks over to Foxglove, who is shaking in fright and unable to muster a word. When he reaches her, Labartou stops. He is so close to her that their noses are almost touching. As everybody hold their breath as they watch this, Labartou suddenly leans over and whispers something into her ear. A look of deep confusion comes to Foxglove's face over what she heard. Lightindark frowns as he watches this.


Without saying another word, Labartou continues to head up the aisle. When he passes Lightindark, he gently tosses him the award without even giving him a glance. Lightindark doesn't look at him either. After he leaves, Foxglove looks over at Lightindark, who puts the tip of his wing over his mouth. Looking down, Foxglove turns and continues to make her way down the isle. As Lightindark sits back down, the lights go out and a large image flashes over the stage...