Best Romance


::Dolly Parton and James Ingramís ĎThe Day I Fall in Loveí is playing in the background as Marty the zebra and Gloria the hippo from the movie "Madagascar" both enter the stage to the cheering audience::


Marty: Good evening!


Gloria: ĎWe are having something romantic tonight!í as Marty says. And itís the award for Best Romance!


Marty: Iíve seen thereís a lot going on with fics about Chip and Dale with either Gadget, Foxglove or Tammy. Just keep the love alive!


Gloria: But some of you do a better job than others. Ooh, don't you just love a happy ending where the girl gets the guy?


Marty: I think you mean 'where the guy gets the girl'.


Gloria: You tell it like you want, and I'll tell the facts, hon. Now, let's see who's told it best among the Rangerphiles!


†††††† Friends and Enemies, Lightindark

†††††† Last Date, Midnight Man

†††††† Closer Than a Brother, BOC42

†††††† The Lost Rangers, UrthQuake

†††††† To Thy Own Self Be True, White Werewolf

†††††† First Date, Midnight Man

†††††† Falling in Love Again, Stainless Steel Rat

†††††† Too Huge to Be True, Midnight Man


Gloria: That's a lot of romance right there. Now, bring on that envelope!


::A bustle of animals brings out the award, and Gloria ends up pushing them off the stage::


Gloria: What's wrong with you! You think folks around here like a bunch of furry animals cluttering up their stage?


::She looks out into the audience, seeing all the furries::


Gloria: Okay, short-sighted there. Anyway, the award for Best Romance goes toÖ.Closer Than a Brother, by BOC42! That's just like Marty and me, closer than a brother.


Marty: Yeah, especially when we were shipped over hereÖ


::BOC42 grins, slightly embarrassed, and hastens up to the stage::


Boxy: HeheÖ I suppose now I can justify buying this dressÖIíve been up here twice now!


::She giggles and the audience laughs appreciatively::


Boxy:Thatís the thing about buying dresses; you never get to wear them enough.Itís sad.Anyways, Iím totally flabbergasted and flattered to win this award.I was surprised anyone could find the romance in it under all that angst I was drowning Gadget in.Maybe that should be a category next year: Best Angst.Would you like that, Lightindark?


::Somewhere in the audience, someone cackles evilly::


Boxy: Hehe.I had a lot of fun with the romance in this story.Iíve been a pro since I was about four, so Iíve had plenty of time to come up with things that I want on paper.And as the list is still fairly long, hopefully youíll hear from me more in the future.Thanks!


::Boxy grins widely and exits the stage. Gloria and Marty do so as well, arguing about who's going to pay to get them back home::