Best Original Male Character


::Chip and Dale once more enters the scene, both dressed in black tuxedos to honor the occasion. Admittedly, Dale isn't fully clad in black, what with his tie being distinctly red, with some kind of yellow pattern on it. Chip, looking surprisingly familiar to this kind of attire, walks over to the stand, Dale one step behind. Arriving, they stand side toside::


Chip: Greetings (again), all. It is now time for something I know a fair few of you has been waiting for...


Dale: I thought Taco night wasn't until friday?


::Chip raises his arm, as if to bonk Dale::


Dale, smiling: Just kidding, Chip. Besides, you promised, no more bonking tonight.


:Chip lowers his arm, but glares at Dale::


Chip: That I did, but don't go begging for it then.


Dale: No worries, Chipper. Ladies, gentlemen, indeterminables...


::Some general laughter is heard::


Dale: ... the Golden Acorn Award for Best Original Male Character. Home off the overly complex dudes, as well as the shameless Gary Stues, but also some quite remarkable guys, like Wescott...


Chip: He's a Gary Stu if anything, Dale.


Dale: But... but I like Wescott.


Chip: And you ain't alone. He's a good show that a Gary Stu don't have to be an annoying non-mentionable, it only requires a good author. But the Gary Stus aren't the main reason for this award. Rather, it is those normal mice, squirrels, chipmunks, whatever, that manage to round off a good story and, at the same time, stand on their own.


Dale: Anyway, before Chip gets carried off as he did in the rehearsals, here is the nominees:


Chip: Gary Stu from [i]A Mary Sue/Gary Stu Story[/i], by CCC


Dale: Reguba from [i]Due South[/i], by RangerReady23


Chip: Gary from [i]The Purple Penance[/i], by Dave White


Dale: Jules Crissen from [i]Closer Than a Brother[/i], by BOC42


Chip: Jerk from [i]The Ranger That Never Was[/i], by Indy


Chip: Thankfully, we won't have to decide the winner for ourselves. Dale, could you give me the envelope.


Dale: I thought you had it?


Chip: No, I said that you should take it. Apparently, you didn't, so who...


::A paper airplane comes out from the left stage, and lands between Dale's ears::


Dale: Huh? Who did that?


::Dale takes down the airplane and shakes it out. It's quite visibly an envelope with the words "Best Original Male Character" on it::


Dale: Here ya go, Chipper!


::He proceeds to open the envelope and hands over the result::


Chip: And... the winner is... Reguba from "Due South" by RangerReady!


::RangerReady pokes his head out from behind the curtain and grins sappily, walking to the lectern::


R/R: Crikey. And I don't use that word often! Thanks so much, gang. These awards mean a lot to me. An awful lot. And I know this one means a lot to somebody else, too. Give a big hand for the one who really won it...Reguba, son of Reguba, squirrel warrior supreme! Take a bow, big guy!


::Out in the audience, the big squirrel stands to his feet, bowing first right, then left to the crowd::


R/R: In addition to that...even though he'll probably never read about these awards, I'd like to thank the indomitable Mr. Brian Jacques, for creating the sparkling, lively world that we call Redwall. It's an ongoing story like no other, and it's done worlds of contributing to my own. Thank you, sir! Hurr, et be a gurt h'onor, burr aye!


::Chip and Dale congratulate RangerReady, then resume their conversation as he leaves::


Dale: That sure was unexpected.


Chip: No it wasn't.


Dale: Was too!


Chip: Was not!


Dale: Wastoo!


Chip: Wasnot!


::The two 'munks erupt in a double-'munk sized ball of fighting fur and chipmunk chatter. They are swept of stage by stagehands wielding brooms::