Best Original Female Character


::Some urgent whispers can be heard from off-stage. It appears that everything hasn't gone according to plan.::


::Finally, Tammy enters the scene a bit hesitantly, wearing a strapless red gown, her tail in an intricate yet simple ponytail. Wolf whistles, as well as something sounding like a tranq-gun, can be heard from the (still-conscious) Tammyphiles in the crowd.::


::Tammy walks up to the stand, appearing to be pleased, but at the same time a bit worried about all the attention.::


Tammy: Hi all. Well, I wasn't intended to do this, but as the presenters are currently...


::She stops talking, and one can clearly hear chipmunk chatter in the background, indicating that the fight is still on.::


Tammy: ...quite occupied. Anyway, I'm here to present the Best Original Female Character Awards. It shares many characteristics with best original male, but then again, that's more or less expected, huh? Anyway, the award is supposed to go to that female that is judged by the fandom as being the "best", usually meaning a girl who's given a particular story that "something extra", a girl that is memorable even outside her story. Or so I was told, at least.


::Tammy winks, and some laughter is heard.::


Tammy: Well, since Chipper (and aint he wonderful) summed it all up so nicely during Best Original Male, I'll just go on presenting the nominees, in no particular order. Don't worry, ladies, those mentioned first doesn't have more votes. Well, here they are.


Mary Sue from [i]A Mary Sue/Gary Stu Story[/i], by CCC


Kimiko from On a [i]Wingnut and a Prayer[/i], by Stainless Steel Rat


Sophia Marskov from [i]Closer Than a Brother[/i], by BOC42


Bubbles McGee from [i]Gadget in Chains[/i], by Loneheart


Rachel from [i]Friends and Enemies[/i], by Lightindark


Almondine Maplewood from [i]The Purloined Playboy[/i], by RangerReady23


Tammy: I can see why so many Rangerphiles had trouble figuring out where to cast their votes. This is an even field if anything. Well, the votes have been cast, and I'll just have to find the envelope with the winner…


::A stagehand—or stage squirrel—enters, carrying an envelope with "Best Original Female Character" written on it, and hands it over with a smile.::


Tammy: Thank you.


::The stagehand stays, apparently wanting something more as a thanks.::


Tammy: I wouldn't press it if I were you. Not with AndY and Regrin out there in the audience.


::The stagehand leaves hurriedly, appearing to consider the costs versus the benefits of getting his hands on a magic-proof Anti-tank gun.::


Tammy: Say whatever you wish, having rabid fans ain't all bad. Anyway, I got the envelope...


::Tammy opens the envelope, and takes out the note inside.::


Tammy: Now, this was sort of a surprise. The winner is…wow…um, are you sure this isn't a misprint? Okay, Indy's indicating it's right, but it's got to be a record. Could we have Kimiko, Sophia Marskov, Bubbles McGee, Rachel, and Almondine Maplewood up here? Or your writers I guess, because you all won!


::Stainless Steel Rat comes up, taking hold of his award::


SSR: Kimiko's a character that was special to me, and I’m glad you liked her. Whoa, look at the line to get up here. I'd better scoot. Thanks, everyone!


::In the audience, BOC42 and Sophia jump up and hug each other, and then proceed to the stage, Sophia’s white evening gown contrasting marvelously with her jet-black ringlets as they mount the stage::


Boxy (giggles nervously): Hehe…I’m back? You guys, I’m so excited for this award.  Sophia and I got pretty tight during the writing process, and we’re thrilled to death to win this.


::Boxy moves over so Sophia can share the microphone with her. Sophia's Russian accent is more than slightly obvious.::


Sophai: Yes!  Thank you all very much for this honor.


Boxy: And we’re even happier that we’re in Russia, aren’t we?


Sophia: Yes.  I am very happy to be back home.


Boxy: Thank you everyone, once again.


::Boxy grins, picking up her award::


Boxy: You’ve made Sophia and me very happy!


::The band strikes up as Boxy and Sophia leave and Bubbles McGee enters the stage dressed in what looks suspiciously like Gadget's little red dress. She gets her share of wolf whistles::


Bubbles: Heya, everybody! And let me start off by thanking Gadget for the loan of the dress – even if it was kind of at short notice. Without her I might have had to come out here wearing nothing but a smile!


::Bubbles grins and more whistles go up::


Bubbles: What can I say about working on "Gadget in Chains"? Well, firstly, since it's over I'm available for work in other fan fictions, fan art modeling, bar mitzvahs and children's parties!


::The audience laughs good-naturedly and Bubbles laughs with them::


Bubbles: Wow, I can't believe it. Read that plaque. Best Original Female Character of 2006. And that's me. I can't believe it. I just want to thank everyone who voted for me.


::Bubbles looks at the Golden Acorn, shakes her head, and wipes away a tear. Then she smiles at the audience and leans forward as though taking them into her confidence::


Bubbles: Maybe someday I'll get to do that sequel Loneheart is always talking about, but until then owning my own restaurant and being a mom is fun too. The best thing about being a fan fiction character, asides from the flexible hours, is getting to do stories that would never have been dreamed of in the original series. Authors can explore ideas and themes that are too dark, edgy, complicated, mature or down right silly for Disney to have produced.


"Gadget in Chains" played with a lot of themes that wouldn't have gone over too well at the big mouse's headquarters. From demonic visitations to mooning parole boards, we pretty much worked our way down a laundry list of things you don't expect in a story with the Rescue Rangers.


::Bubbles looks around the audience, looking for individual people::


Bubbles: Some of our readers loved us for it, some of them hated us for it. Some people wouldn't read the story at all because of it but others couldn't put it down. Regardless of which kind of reader you are, "Gadget in Chains" was written for you because even if you couldn't or wouldn't read it, hopefully it will inspire other works that you will enjoy.


::A ripple of applause runs around the audience::


Bubbles: Thank you. I have to go now, not least because I borrowed this dress from Gadget and she might wake up at any moment, but I'm going to take this award home with me and my middle child will use it as a mallet for opening nuts with.


::While Bubbles exits the stage, Rachel puts her hand on her forehead and shakes her head as everybody gives her a standing ovation. Getting up, Rachel hugs her mother for the longest time before turning to her father. With a very warm look on his face, Chip takes off his fedora and puts it Rachel's head. After a pause, Rachel hugs Chip and began to make her way down the row. At the end, she stops at Lightindark.


Immediately embracing each other, they hug for the longest time. Then she gives Lightindark a kiss on the cheek before making her way down the isle. On her way to the stage, she notices CD frantically reaching over Regrin in hopes of at least touching her on the shoulder. Rachel stops and slowly pokes him on the hand with a smile on her face. Delighted, CD sits back down and begins to sniff his hand as Rachel continues to make her way toward the stage. When she reaches it, Rachel slowly climbes up the stairs and greets AndY at the podium, who hands her the award and steps out of the way. Everybody quiets down as she begins to speak::


Rachel: To receive this award is great! It shows me how much I'm appreciated. It makes me believe even further that everything I do is well worth it. I can't say that this comes with the job because if I were given the choice of being awarded for being a Rescue Ranger, I would decline. But I had no choice in this matter so what else can I do but say thanks to those who made this possible. First, my mother and father. Mom, you made me who I am today, and you've helped me through the good...and bad times.


::Chip grits his teeth while rubbing his back::


Rachel: To Rachel, who seems to be a big fan of my mother, thanks for the inspiration 'cause I like my name. To my fellow teammates, the new Rescue Rangers. Tammy, Bink, Tad, and Drakos. You four are my best friends. Thank you so much. To Regrin, Scifly, and CD, thank you for your help bringing this new series to life. And last but certainly not least, Lightindark, who I think I have to thank more than anybody else 'cause without him, I wouldn't even be here. Thank you, Lightindark. I know you're not much for ceremonies but it means so much to me that you're here 'cause you're like a second father to me. Thank you. Thank you everybody! Thank you all so much! Nothing lasts forever but here's hoping for many more years of the fandom and those he keep it alive. Thank you.


::Everybody stands up and gives her another ovation as Andy escorts her backstage. From behind the curtains, Almondine Maplewood struts purposely, heading toward the lectern. RangerReady sees her and calls out::


R/R: Hey, wait up!


::He manages to get to the podium ahead of the determined detective::


R/R: Well, here I am again, guys! I'm just blown away that you guys would heap so many acclaims and honors on a country bumpkin like myself. On behalf of both myself and Alma here, I thank you all for this award. Here's to lots more of those old noir tales! Because I love writing them as much as you all liked reading the first. Thanks again!


::Tammy congratulates RangerReady and Almondine, as she had all the other winners before. After taking a moment to be sure that  on one else was coming, she stands behind the podium and faces the audience::


Tammy: Well, that would be....


::Chip and Dale enters again, both showing some light signs of their fight, but nothing serious.::


Chip: Sorry we're late, all.


Dale: Got a bit preoccupied back there.


Chip: Anyway, we're here to present the Best Original Female...


Tammy: Sorry guys, but I've just done that.


Chip: ...Awards... huh? Saywhatagain?


Tammy: I just did the Best Original Female Award.


Chip: Oh... I guess we got a bit more carried away than I thought...


Dale: It would seem so, Chipper.


::With that, the two chipmunks escort Tammy out.::