[u]Best Original Costuming[/u]

::A shapely grey squirrel with short black hair clad in a strapless red dress struts out onto the stage.  The cheers and whistles of the males nearly drown out the strains of Dolly Parton's 'Jolene' that accompanies Colette Silvertail.  She and the music stop at the podium... the cheers linger for a while longer, which the squirrel clearly doesn't mind::

Colette: I figure finding that shapeshifting alien clothing qualifies me to present the Golden Acorn for Best Original Costuming.

::Stepping out from behind the podium and strikes several enticing poses in her red dress for the audience::

Colette: You'd never know I originally thought this was a baggy sweater.

::The tramp revels in the whistles she evokes from several of the males in the audience... so much so that Dr Indy, in the wings, starts gesturing for her to get on with the presentation.  She eventually takes note and steps back behind the podium::

Colette: Heh, sorry.  The nominations for Best Original Costuming are:

Framwinkle for Santa Gadget
Rye for The Loulan Bride
Fish for Lifeguard Gadget
Toni for Tammy Assassin #1
Dumpster Side for Chip of the Dead
DeLTa for Gadget in Wonderland
Fish for Eostre Gadget
Artist for Gadget in the Fall
Toni for Gadget the Pirate
Master_MunkArt for Clarice as Ken
Rye for Chip and Gadget Playing in the Snow
Toni for Fantasy Rangers

Colette: And now for the envelope...

::The squirrel looks into the camera suggestively as she dips her fingers down into the front of her dress from whence she produces the envelope.::

Colette: The Golden Acorn for Best Original Costuming goes to...

::She tears open the envelope and pulls out... Drywall.  Colette screams in terror at the sight of the creepy weasel.  The creepy weasel screams in terror at Colette's reaction and flees the stage.  It takes a few moments for the squirrel to compose herself.  Though still visibly shaken, she picks up the opened envelope::

Colette: The, uh, Golden Acorn goes to...well, with a list that long you figure there'd be a tie. And we've got a three-way tie! Framwinkle wins for Santa Gadget, Rye for the Loulan Bride and Fish for Eostre Gadget!

::A fox squirrel with orangeish-brown fur and squarish thin-framed glasses walks up on stage, wearing a blue Chip and Dale sweatshirt. His hair, slightly darker brown than his fur, is neatly parted on the left. He walks behind the podium::


Framwinkle: Well, this is a bit of a surprise. Honestly, I'd prefer it if an award like this went to someone who was an actual artist, rather than a hack like me. But since the Golden Acorn awards are a community event, if the community decides it wants to give it to me anyway, then I'll accept it. I'm honored. Thank you very much.


::Fish comes up next, waving to the audience::


Fish: Easter never looked so pretty, did it?


::The audience laughs::


Fish: Now THIS one, I have to admit I fell in love with. Thanks for noticing, acorn-adamey voters. I shall strive to bring more rangers into ridiculous non-canonical settings in the future, even though I ironically never really liked the idea of doing so.  Go figure. Party on!


::The crowd shows its approval and Indy comes up on stage::

Indy: Folks, Rye wanted to be here but couldn't make it from Beijing. He says thanks for the honor you've given his work, and he is pleased you liked it.

::The audience applauds as Indy and Fish leave the stage. Having fully recovered from her close encounter of the weaselly kind, Colette leaves the stage, blowing kisses to various guys she makes eye contact with as she goes::