Best Use of a One Shot Series Character

::The stage is empty and silent, no presenter has come out to give out the next award, "Best One Shot Character". The crowd is murmuring in confusion. Suddenly the air is filled with a humming sound and the stage is filled with an eerie blue light. A silhouette of a man slowly comes into view. The sound dies down as the figure is finally rematerialized whole, and we can all see now it is Pavel Chekov of the U.S.S Enterprise. He is wearing the classic gold Starfleet uniform we all grew up watching.  With a wide smile he steps forward to the podium and addresses the audience:: 

Chekov: Hello everyone, I am honored to be here tonight, presenting the award for best single shot character. As a member of the Enterprise crew I am well familiar with the concept of one shot characters. The one shot character is very important to the story. They may provide important information to the main characters, act as the foil, or they may meet a grisly end at the hands of a salt sucking creature.  

::A few Trekkers in the crowd laugh::

Chekov: When I was first contacted to give out his award I was ecstatic. I have always been a fan of the Rescue Rangers, and many of you may not know it but Rescue Rangers was originally a Russian creation. This is true! It was created by a little old lady in Leningrad::

::The Russian Rangerphiles in the audience cheer, than a voice interrupts them::

Voice in the Audience: THAT IS A LIE!!

::The spotlight shines out into the audience, focusing on a sole Klingon sitting off at a corner table. Standing up, he swaggers forward, obviously having ingested just a wee bit too much bloodwine::

Klingon: I am Klardar, Son of Drigon! Everyone knows the Rescue Rangers were created by Klingons! You have not heard the wisdom of Gadget until you hear it in the original Klingon tongue!

::Clearing his throat he bellows out, “Ghobe' qay'!([i]No problems[/i]). Chekov steps up to the mic again::

Chekov: I may claim many things are originally Russian in origin, but at least I keep my claims to the same planet!

Klardar: How dare you!!!

::The Klingon starts to charge forward in a drunken rage but loses his balance and swaggers back, crashing into his own table, knocking himself out cold. With a shrug Chekov turns his attention from the unconscious Klingon to the audience::

Chekov: But back to the awards. In the category of "Best One Shot Character" we have the following nominations:

Lawhinie in ‘An Interview with Lawhinie’ by E-Enity

Geegaw in ‘The Ranger that Never Was’ by Dr. Indy

Foxglove and Tammy in ‘Gadget’s Hiccups’ by Greyhound Bus and pupspals

Bubbles in ‘Closer than a Brother’ by BOC42

Flash in ‘Gone to the Dogs’ by Neil Wolf

Detective Drake in ‘The Last Case of Detective Drake’ by McPoodle

And Tammy in ‘Due South’ by RangerReady23

::After he finishes reading the nominations he holds up the envelope and smiles wide. He tears the envelope open in a swift motion::

Chekov: This thing rips easier than Keptain Kirks shirts…

::After receiving a few more knowing laughs, he pulls out the card::

Chekov: And the winner is…E-entity, for his use of Lahwhinie in 'An Interview with Lahwhinie'!

::Ever one to bound into the spotlight, Lawhinie, sporting a rather tasteful black ensemble rather eagerly tugs a rust-red mouse in a black suit onstage. As Chekov hands the award plaque to Lawhinie he steps back and is quickly whisked away by the transporter beam. While Lawhinie is not only comfortable with the applause and other signs of approval from the crowd, her companion seems far less so::

Lawhinie (picking up the award, beaming): Two years in a row! Woo-hoo!


::Her companion, E-Entity, clears his throat::


Lawhinie (putting the award back down): Hey, not like my fan base hasn’t been building. And that little interview of ours didn’t hurt matters, eh E?


E-E: Hey, anything I could do to help. Besides, how often do I get the chance to work with someone like you?


L: If it keeps me in the spotlight a little longer . . .


E-E: Then you don’t mind doing a sequel?


L: You mean that one you pitched after we did last?


E-E: I believe your exact words were “It was fun, but no chance in . . .”


L (interrupting): I’d love to!


E-E: Really?


:: Lawhinie nods, and E-entity passes out::


L (with an evil smile): Oops, guess it was too much for him. Well, anyway, enough about us. Thanks to all of you for voting us in. It’s a real honor to get this award again, even with a different writer. That interview was definitely fun, and to get this for it . . .


:: Lawhinie glances at the unconscious award recipient::


L: Oh, and he was wanting to tell you all how much he appreciated your support on this one, and that he was glad so many of you enjoyed it. He probably had as much fun as ‘Axle” as I had playing with . . . err . . . off him. Thanks again everyone!


L (thinking she’s far enough from the mic): Can we get someone up here? He’s too heavy for me to drag offstage.


Monty (from his seat): You drug him onstage!


::Lahwhinie blows some more kisses as a few stagehands come and carry E-Entity off. Lahwhinie follows after hamming it up a little more::