Best Color Image (Rendered)


::There is a great rumbling of applause from one of the galleries as RangerReady walks onstage::

R/R: Hi everybody! Gee, thanks for setting up that recorded clapping, really makes for a great entrance!


::The crowd laughs lowly::


R/R: You know, this is my first Golden Acorn ceremony. I'd like to thank Doctor Indy and the rest of the gang for letting me present an's a real honor. Almost as much an honor as it is to be a part of this great organization.


::Overhead, the logo of the Acorn Cafe flashes on the big screen::

R/R: I haven't been a part of this community for as long as some of you have. Heck, I've only been here for a little over a might say I'm still learning the ropes, in some ways. But if there's one thing I've learned from all the older Rangerphiles, it's that the Cafe loves to party...especially when it's for the purpose of honoring some of its own. Let's hear it for the category's nominees!


::The auditorium goes wild, erupting into a standing ovation. After a few moments, order is restored, and RangerReady pulls a crisp white envelope out of the pocket of his tuxedo::

R/R: Ahem. Now then, let's get right down to the business at hand!


::Overhead, the monitor flashes the words, BEST COLOR IMAGE: RENDERED::


R/R: The nominees in this category are:


::The monitor shows the works, scrolling to allow for the huge number of nominees::


Rye, for “Dale and Steggy”.


SVZ, for “Gadget with Plunger”.


Tanka, for “Tammy and a Star”.


SVZ, for “Gadget on the Oak Tree”.


Agetian/SVZ, for “Beauty01”.


Lance, for “She Cheers Me Up”.


SVZ, for “Gadget With Tea”.


Tilas, for “Clarice VS Gadget”.


Toni, for “Sins of the Past...”.


Rye, for “Tammy With Chip Plush”.


Regrin, for “Fantasy Tammy”.


Clockwork Cat, for “Creature of the Night”.


Toni, for “Tammy and Gadget Fantasy”.


bock's car, for “Clarice Nose-art”.


Rye, for “Chip and Gadget Playing in the Snow”.


SVZ, For “Gadget in Winter Coat”.


Rye, for “The Loulan Bride”.


SVZ, for “Gadget Sunning”.


Artist, for “Gadget in the Fall”.


Toni, for “Tammy Winking”.


::RangerReady pauses for breath and wipes his forehead with a handkerchief::


R/R: Whew, who knew there'd be this many finalists this year!


::A voice calls “I did!” from the back row::


R/R: Cassandra, of course. Just whose idea was it to write up a moth who could see the future, anyway?


::He clears his throat, and holds up the envelope::


R/R: And the winner is...guess what, we've got two! Lance, for "She Cheers Me Up" and Rye for "Tammy With Chip Plush"!


::Looking pleasantly surprised, Lance heads up onto the stage, acknowledging the crowd with a quick wave and shaking hands with RangerReady23::

Lance: This was just one of those emotional-train-of-thought type images. It's good to have someone who you can relate to... Who can cheer you up or at least help you cope with things.

::Lance pauses for a moment and takes a deep breath::

Lance: Anyway, thanks again everyone, I'm glad people liked the image.

::Lance smiles and nods to the audience before ambling off the stage::


RangerReady: Rye's not here, but he thanks everyone who voted for him and hopes everyone will pardon his absence.


::RangerReady congratulates Fish and Lance and walks off-stage with them, waving to the crowd as he goes::