::As the applause from the previous award dies down, a Bearcat, wearing a black felt hat and dark clip-on shades, but otherwise dressed impeccably in a black tux, approaches the podium::


Bock's car: Good evening, folks. Tonight, it is my honor and privilege to announce this year's winner for the Best Flat Color Image. This award goes to the person who has used their skill to produce a work in this category that made the greatest impression among our members. With the pool of talent at the Cafe, this is no small accomplishment. The winner is often one who has come up with a work that is unique, or has great detail... or simply has a whimsical quality that makes it appealing.


This year, The nominees are:


·       Rye, Gadget in the Snow

·       DeLTa, Lovely Gadget

·       Stian, Merry Advent

·       Master_MunkArt, Clarice as Storm

·       Fish, G-Pod

·       Rye, The Fairy in the Valley

·       Fish, Train Rescue

·       Regrin, Tank Girls

·       Toni, Gadget, Shaded

·       Master_MunkArt, Baby Clarice at the Beach

·       Toni, Tammy and Bink build a Snowmunk

·       Jeff Pierce, "Rarin' To Go Racin'"

·       DeLTa, Gadget head sketch


Bock's car: As I said, quite a list. The envelope please…


::Zipper buzzes out from stage right and delivers the envelope::


Bock's car (grinning): Ranger Air Mail.


::The audience gives a few laughs, and bock's car opens the envelope::


Bock's car: And this year's winner is—what else, a tie! Fish for "Train Rescue" and Rye for "Gadget in the Snow". Congratulations!


::Fish comes up on stage::


Fish: Thank you everyone!! I guess a special thanks is in order for Jeff Pierce, who commissioned the work in the first place. Thanks for the idea, Jeff!  Then again, we may have to trace his inspiration back to the string of train rescue pics by Ray Jones and others---then thank Disney for CDRR and the industrial revolution for trains and Adobe for photoshop and---


::The crowd laughs::


Fish: Ahhhh, thanks to EVERYBODY. I also LOVE the work done by the other nominees and am continually inspired by them as well. Now let's keep this party going!


Bock's car: As you know, Rye isn't here so we'll be sure he gets it. He did say that he was pleased to receive the award and was glad to share his artwork with us.


::Bock's hands Fish his award, swaps a bit of small talk and exits the stage next to Fish::