Best Caption


::Dale comes up on stage, carrying a load of pictures::


Dale: Hiya, everybody! Best Caption's one of my favorite categories. Lookit all the neat and funny captions you all do!


::Dale sits down and starts looking them over, laughing and pointing. After a minute or so, Chip comes out::

Chip: Dale, you're supposed to be presenting the award!


Dale: Aw, they won't care if they have to wait a minute or two. These Awards go on for hours anyways!


::Chip takes the pictures away from Dale and drags him over to the podium::

Dale: I was gonna do that!


Chip: Then do it.


::Chip walks offstage and Dale straightens the lapels on his shirt::

Dale: Huh, no appreciation for art. Okay, the nominees for the cool Caption Award are…


·       Week 165, FleaBot

·       Week 170, Pupspals

·       Week 163, bock's car

·       Week 172, Karl

·       Week 166, FleaBot

·       Week 168, Mowog

·       Week 167, E-entity


Dale: Hey, I'd vote for all of 'em if I could!


::Dale brings out a letter opener::


Dale: And Chip says I'm never prepared…


::Dale opens the envelope::

Dale: Oh, boy! We got two winner! Bock's Car and Karl…oh wait, there's a note here. "I made a mistake and Karl didn’t do Week 172—that was Toni's caption. Sorry, Indy". Oh, okay. Well then, come on up Bock's and Toni!


::Toni stands up and walks to the podium. He accepts the award and looks at the audience::

Toni: Well, thanks for the award, unexpected as it was. And I mean it quite literally, as I, uhm, sorta kinda forgot that I even made this caption.

::Small giggles can be heard from the audience::

Toni: Well anyway, thanks again!

::He waves at the audience with a sheepish grin and leaves the stage. Bock's car comes up on stage::

Bock's: Thanks everyone, and particularly Indy for putting on the Caption Contest. Here's to lots more captions to do!


::The audience applauds and Bock's and Toni leave with Dale trailing after them…and trailing caption pictures on the stage::