Best Author


::The lights go out, as a remix of "Graveyard Symphony" plays in the background::


::Artificial fog comes on and around the stage then Charles comes out onto the stage dressed as the WWE Wrestler The Undertaker. He slowly walks out with Were-Kitty Gadget behind him in her black Dress with Matching High heel shoes. He is wearing a black Zoot Suit with matching shoes and broad-rimmed hat, with the Undertaker Black Jacket beneath. He gets to the podium, where he takes his jacket off, hands it to Were-Kitty Gadget, then takes his hat off as he rolls his eyes back of his head like the Undertaker. Then he returns to "normal" and smiles to the audience as he takes the mic::


Charles: I always want to do that! Well let's get to the Best Author Award. These people have worked hard on their Fan Fiction and Provided the stories we Rangerphiles need. They deserve to be the best authors in the world! Let's see the nominees….








           Stainless Steel Rat


Charles: Awesome. The envelope…


::Sparky brings out the envelope, who holds it out with his hand shaking at the sight of Charles in the garb of the Undertaker. Charles laughs and takes it::


Charles: If only the tax collectors were scared of me like that. So then the winner of the 2006 Best Author award goes to…RangerReady23!


::RangerReady moves slowly onto the stage, moving in seeming awe and disbelief::


R/R: Wow...I mean...WOW!! Me...Best Author? I can't believe it!


::He takes off his fedora and looks out at the crowd, the shiny new Golden Acorn clutched tightly in hand::


R/R: I want you all to know what a real, true honor this is. I've spent this past year enjoying the good company and the good times at the Cafe, and just doing one of the things I love best: writing. But for every good writer, there's some people that do support work behind the scenes.


I'd like to thank Nicole Morley, who you all know as Live2dream, for all the support she's been this past year...for all those late-night plot planning sessions, where she probably sat up past her bedtime to listen to me prattling on about the next story, and for all the caring, kindness and advice she showered on a fellow newbie. Thanks a lot, little sis.


::The spotlight finds Live2dream, who stands up briefly and waves as the crowd applauds::


R/R: I'd also like to thank my partner in crime, Neal Wolf, for all those all-nighters we pulled, writing the first volume of Lost Hearts. For all the plot advice and character analyses we pulled together, when I was trying to iron out the mythos that I wanted to build. And thanks for being there with that little suggestion now and then, at three in the morning when this old boy's brain was ready to hit the desk. Here's to another year of good co-writing!


::The spotlight shifts to Neal Wolf, who nods in appreciation::


R/R: Lastly, I'd like to thank Dr. Indy's good self, for maintaining this the Acorn Cafe and keeping it in a condition that our heroes can be proud of, as can we. And thank all of you, for this award. God bless you all!


::RangerReady holds up his trophy as the crowd stands and applauds. Were-Kitty Gadget gathers up Charles' Undertaker Jacket, and after he puts on his hat they leave as more artificial fog rolls onto the stage::