Best Artwork


::Alain walks back on stage, accompanied by a beautifully dressed Gadget. The crowd goes wild again, especially the fanboys who can't help themselves::


Chip: Hey guys... keep a lid on it!


::His words are not really effective as the fanboys continue without interruption::


Alain: You know... When I first came to the Café in the summer of 2006, there was one thing that immediately stood out in comparison to other fan communities: the excellent artwork quality. Many of the best art works are inspired by the beautiful mouse lady next to me...


::Alain looks to his right where Gadget gives a broad smile and blushes::


Alain: Especially the works of the Russian fan community, which are beautiful beyond belief, but the American and German artwork are certainly on par with them too. I'm really out of words every time when I want to describe the sheer perfection of all your artwork! That's why I'm very honored to co-present this years nominees. Gadget, it's your turn.


Gadget: Well golly, we had a long list of nominees this year and it was hard to make a selection. Here are the nominees of this year's 'Best Artwork'...


·       Rye, Dale and Steggy

·       Tanka, Tammy and a Star

·       Master_MunkArt, Clarice as Leia

·       Rye, Chip & Dale in the Rye

·       DeLTa, Lovely Gadget

·       Rye, The Loulan Bride

·       Rye, The Fairy in the Valley

·       Fish, Eostre Gadget

·       Dumpster Side, Dale VS the Evil Dead

·       Squeak, Chip Sketch

·       J, Don't Mess with Gadget's Goggles

·       Rye, Gadget in the Snow

·       Toni, Sins of the past…

·       Lance, Portrait of Monty

·       DeLTa, Gadget on a Frozen Bridge

·       Master_MunkArt, Clarice over airvent

·       Integrator, Rescue Rangers, Away!

·       Rye, Labartou

·       DeLTa, Gadget head sketch

·       Stian, Merry Advent

·       Rye, Tammy With Chip Plush

·       Rye, Chip by the Tracks

·       Master MunkArt, Baby Clarice at the Beach

·       Artist, Gadget in the Fall


Gadget: Thunderama! How do you choose from all that?


Alain: Well Gadj', it looks like you inspired a lot of folks last year!


Gadget (cold, but smiling): No kidding...


::The audience laughs as Alain continues talking::


 Alain: From this fine crop of top-notch artists, there can be only one... This years' Best Artwork award goes to...


::Alain opens the envelope and the crowd grows impatient. Alain turns to Gadget again, showing her the letter contained in the envelope::


Alain: Wow, this year's winner is a real surprise.


:;She replies with a noticeable surprise in her voice::


Gadget: Oh yes, even *I* didn't see that one coming...


Unknown voice from the audience:  Will ya get on with the presentation already?!!


Gadget and Alain:  The winner is...a double win for Rye! Fairy in the Valley and Tammy With Chip Plush!


Alain: Congratulations, Rye!


::The audience stands and applauds::


Gadget: Rye couldn't be here, but he said he was really overwhelmed at all the awards he's getting. This is for you, Rye!


::Gadget blows him a kiss, then she and Alain walk offstage after waving the fans goodbye::