Best Artist


::Alain comes walking on stage again, holding a few cue cards. He takes the podium::


Alain: Well folks, in the last years some wonderful artists joined the Café. One only needs to think of patrons like Rye, Fish, DeLTa or Master_MunkArt to name just a few... And that's why it's so hard to choose a winner in this category. Nevertheless, our patrons succeeded in nominating the following artists for the Best Artist award...


ˇ       Rye

ˇ       Fish

ˇ       Toni

ˇ       Integrator

ˇ       Master_MunkArt

ˇ       DeLTa


Alain: Again, it was very difficult to pick a winner here... But we did find one artist so special that we simply couldn't resist to give him the Best Artist award...


::Alain gently opens the envelope::


Alain: Come up on stage Rye, it's your lucky day!


::The crowd applauds, but it's not Rye who comes on stage but Chirp Sing, the nightingale from "Song of the Night 'N Dale::


Chirp Sing: Our good friend Rye was not able to come here in person to receive your very honorable award, but he says it will be cherished and prized. He is glad to know that you like and enjoy his artwork.


::Chirp Sing bows as the audience applauds, then he Alain move off stage, waving to the audience::