Best Animation


::The lights dim, and Dr. Batorious' voice comes over the loudspeaker::


Batorious: Ladies and gentlemen, for your entertainment we present you... Alain!


::Alain comes jumping up on stage in all his resplendent glory, skipping around like a certifiable nut job::


Alain: Whoooooow! Whoooooo!! Whooooooow!!! Come on, get up, get up!! Come onnnnn! Whooo, Whoo!


::Alain screams to the Rescue Rangers faithful, working himself into a frenzy as Gloria Estefan's "Get on Your Feet" blares over the loudspeakers. The audience first laughs a bit but then begins to participate in the frenzy::


Indy (just offstage): Oboy, another one…


Alain: Come on!!! Give it up for me!! Whooooooo, whooooooow!!!"


::He screams loudly into the cameras and to the audience while jumping wildly. The audience goes wild::


Indy (muttering): Oh golly, I just *know* we'll be remembering this for a long time.


::After 40 seconds of jumping around, Alain finally wound up his monkey dance and settled behind the lectern to catch his staggered breath::


Alain: I have four words for ya!


::He stretches both arms in the air, breathing heavily and sweating like a pig::


Chip (in the audience): Yeah: Get me a doctor.


::Dale giggles::


Alain: I... LOVE... THIS... FANDOM... Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhssssssss!!!!


::A wild applause breaks out. After a while, the audience calms down::


Alain: You know folks... you need to excuse me for this wild introduction but I simply had to make my first time extra special...


::The audience laughs::


Gadget (in the audience, sarcastic): Well, they got more than what they bargained for...


Alain: Anyway, I'm here to present 3 categories. The first one is... Animation. There weren't an awful lot of nominees this year, but the ones that were nominated were pure gold. These are the people that got nominated:


·       FleaBot, Rangers on Parade

·       Clockwork Cat, Double-O Dale

·       FleaBot, Gadget on the Warpath

·       Toni, Gadget Racing

·       FleaBot, Zipper Bouncing


Alain: I'm very pleased to announce that this year's winner of the Best Animation award is...Clockwork Cat, for Double-O Dale!


::Alain and everyone claps as Clockwork comes up on stage::


Alain: Congratulations, CC, you really deserved this award.


::Clockwork stands at the podium, stunned::


Clockwork: Me? It really was me?


::The audience laughs some::


Clockwork: Wow, I'm really pleased you liked what I did! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


::Clockwork bounds all around the stage, holding his award as he frolics::


Alain: Nice speech CC! Now, let's move offstage because we've got plenty more awards to present in a few moments. I promise I won't jump ;-)


::Everybody applauds while Clockwork and Alain walk off stage::