Best All-Time Website


::Uncle Bedivere comes out on stage again::



::Quickly he runs over to the podium::

Bedivere: Ha! Bet you thought that high-powered filly named Anna got the better of me. Nossir, this here Texas prairie bat knows when to hold 'em and knows when to fold 'em. Like my pappy used to say, "Texas breeds everything tough. Get used to it".


::Bedivere picks up the info on the prompter::

Bedivere: Well now, we've got an award to give here! The Best All-Time Website. Now you may think a bushwhacker like me wouldn't know an HTML from a IP, but I tell y'all you have to know them computers to ran a ranch these days. A good website helps in quite a lot of ways, and 'round here a good Ranger website does it best to put all the Rangers in the spotlight, where they belong!


::The crowd applauds::


Bedivere: But to be the best of the best, you have to give something more. It's got to be the site that everyone thinks of first when it comes to the Rangers and the Rangerphiles. Now, let's see who's in the chute for this here honor!


The Acorn Café

Russian CDRR Portal

Tanka's CDRR Pages

The Ranger Wiki

CDRR Headquarters

Rescue Rangers HQ


Toni's World of Stuff


The Foxglove Feature

The RR Database


Bedivere: HOO-WEE! That's a long list of quality right there. Now, let's see who's king of the mountain…


::Foxglove brings out the winning envelope to her uncle::

Bedivere: Thank you kindly, niece. Watch how I open this, y'all, but don't try it at home…


::Bedivere reached into his vest pocket and pulled out one of his famous triple-hot Texas chili peppers. Taking a bite he chewed it some and then expertly spewed out a fine line of pure flame that burned off the top of the envelope::


Bedivere: Whew…pretty mild...and now, the winner for Best All-Time Website is…well, what else, that wonderful Acorn Café!


::As the crowd applauds, Indy comes up on stage::


Indy: As I said before, Stephen Clouse couldn't be here, but our moderators are. Come on up!


::They do so, but motion for Indy to speak for them::


Indy: The Café is a gift to us all, really. That creative little fifteen-year-old named Natasha Kashefipour got it started, and so we have to thank her first of all.


::A picture of Natasha goes up on the big screen and everyone claps::


Indy: I'm just glad I could keep the spirit of the place alive and well. As I said, Stephen Clouse deserves our thanks as webmaster and uber techie or we wouldn't be here right now. And these fine men behind me deserve their share of honor as does Winston for helping to keep the Café the nice and fine place that it is.


::The crowd stands and applauds as Indy and the other moderators make their way offstage. Bedivere whoops it up one more time then heads offstage as well::