::Orchestra plays some intro music::

Announcer: And now the award for Best All Time Fanfic... Pupspals!

::Pupspals walks out on stage wearing jeans & a Hellboy Animated T-shirt.  Music dies down.  Pupspals starts to talk but is interrupted by a drum solo.  Everyone looks to see Dale going at the drum set with everything he's got::

Orchestra members:  DALE!

Pupspals: Daaaallleeee....!

::Drumming stops.  Dale hits the cymbal unenthusiastically one last time, puts the sticks down, crawls out of the orchestra pit & returns to his seat.::

Pupspals:  Thank you.  Well, as you can see, I was in a hurry & didn't quite get ready clothing wise for this.  But let's be honest, we're all at home on our computers anyway, right?  No one is actually at the theatre in Peterhof...



::Quick Flash to: At the ticket Window of (insert names of where the acorn awards are this year) stands a newbie lurker of the Cafe.  He pounds away on ledge of the window.

Manager:  (says something in Russian)

Translator:  He says we don't know what you are talking about

Newbie Lurker:  But the awards are here tonight!  See? (points to his web enabled cell phone) most of the awards have already been given out!  I'm late!  LET ME IN!!!

Translator:  (translates to Russian)

The manager just shakes his head no::



::Quick Flash back to the awards:

Pupspals:  So the All-Time best?  Can there really be such a thing? I'm sure Gadget would argue that since Fanfiction hasn't stopped & hopefully never will, that it is impossible to truly have the all-time best.  This isn't even considering that tastes and writing styles change over time.  And can dramas compete against comedies and such?

::Pupspals notices Gadget starting to ponder this in the audience. Chip motions for her to move it along...::

Pupspals:  ...uh.... so let's just call this a "best of" list & move on! The nominees are:

::She grabs a list of nominees::


Gadget in Chains - Loneheart

::People applaud & cheer::

May Day Mayday - Dave White

::More applause::

Gadget's Hicups - Greyhound Bus & Pupspals

::More applause.  Pupspals does a double take at the list.  She squints a couple of times & turns to Dr. Indy off stage::

Pupspals:  are you sure??

::Dr Indy nods.::

PupspalsOkaaaayyy....  I'll take any just about award you give me, but I doubt this is all-time best!

Dr. Indy: It got at least one vote for it.


Pupspals: It did? IT DID?!? Oh, who was it! I've got to know!


Dr. Indy: Get used to disappointment.


Pupspals (frowning): Aw, okay


::She looks out at Greyhound in the audience::

Pupspals:  Not to knock your idea at all... I just know in retrospect my writing could've been better. And I've spotted typos & stuff -  But anyway...  Other nominees are:

Pupspals: The Ranger that Never Was - Dr. Indy

:: Pupspals gestures off stage to Dr. Indy while the audience applauds::

Pupspals: On a Wingut and a Prayer - Stainless Steel Rat

:: applause::


Pupspals: A Bat and a Chipmunk - Lightindark76


Pupspals: The Lost Ranger UrthQuake


Pupspals: Previous winner:  Rhyme & Reason - Michael Demcio

:: cheers & applause::

Pupspals: And Previous winner, the graphic novel: Of Mice & Mayhem - Fish!

:: cheers & applause::

:: Pupspals takes an envelope out of her jeans pocket::

Pupspals:  And the winner is......




Pupspals: Not until I read it! The winner is Rhyme and Reason AND Of Mice and Mayhem!


::Fish comes up on stage::


Fish: Well of course I deserve it! I rule! Bow down to MEEEEE!


::The audience laughs, until Security tackles and cuffs what turns out to be an imposter and leads him offstage, presumably for a nice cup of tea and a beating. "Fish in Chains" novel narrowly avoided. Fish crawls up onstage from orchestra pit with a black eye and duct tape across his mouth::


Fish: Mmmpphhh--rrmmpp-- hldonasecnd,,,(RIPPPPP) Ow. Uhh-- anyway-- thank you --- I can't believe this. I don't deserve it! I don't rule and please no bowing-- it makes me feel like I'm in "Lion King" or something.


::After everyone's calmed down, the untied Fish continues::


Fish: Thank you, everyone-- I am so happy that I created something that made such a lasting impression on my goal demographic- true fans of the Rescue Ranger mythos. I love you all!! Now- anybody got a steak for my eye? How about a nice poached salmon? Curly fries?


Pupspals: Unfortunately, Mike Demcio couldn't make it tonight, but he passes along his good wishes and thanks.


::The crowd stands and cheers as Fish leaves with his award and. Pupspals walks off, wondering if she can write off this trip on her taxes::