Best All-Time Artwork


::Indy comes up on the stage::


Indy: It's hard to really judge between so many great pieces of artwork, not to mention all the top-flight artists we have in the community.


::The audience applauds, and several of the artists are spotlighted::


Indy: I think this year bears that out more than any other, with such an awesome list of finalists—and big enough to make the Rangers' tree look small by comparison…


::A few knowing laughs titter across the audience::


Indy: But it also shows the breadth of talent, and it's hard to choose. Nonetheless, we have to have a winner. So then, the nominees for the Best All-Time Artwork award are:




·       Rye, Dale and Steggy

·       Tanka, Tammy and a Star

·       Master_MunkArt, Clarice as Leia

·       Rye, Chip & Dale in the Rye

·       DeLTa, Lovely Gadget

·       Rye, The Loulan Bride

·       Rye, The Fairy in the Valley

·       Fish, Eostre Gadget

·       Dumpster Side, Dale VS the Evil Dead

·       Squeak, Chip Sketch

·       J, Don't Mess with Gadget's Goggles

·       Rye, Gadget in the Snow

·       Toni, Sins of the past…

·       Lance, Portrait of Monty

·       DeLTa, Gadget on a Frozen Bridge

·       Master_MunkArt, Clarice over airvent

·       Integrator, Rescue Rangers, Away!

·       Rye, Labartou

·       DeLTa, Gadget head sketch

·       Stian, Merry Advent

·       Rye, Tammy With Chip Plush

·       Rye, Chip by the Tracks

·       Master MunkArt, Baby Clarice at the Beach

·       Artist, Gadget in the Fall

·       Charles Williams, Covers to Plots! & The Times of Their Lives

·       Fish, Of Mice & Mayhem


Indy: Now THAT'S a list…


::The audience laughs again::


Indy: And now, the envelope…


::Indy removes his fedora, where the envelope rests. With a flourish, he opens it::


Indy: And the 2006 All-Time Best artwork as you the Rangerphiles voted it is…Of Mice and Mayhem by Fish!


::The crowd stands and cheers as Fish comes up on stage::


Fish: I can't believe everyone still remembers this thing. Thank you so much for the honor, and thank you Paltiel for putting up the Gadget Archive that inspired me to get Rangery again in the first place all those years ago.


::The crowd applauds again as Fish holds up his award and heads offstage, Indy following him::