::Fat Cat struts on stage and takes position behind the podium, a pompous look on his face. He clears his throat unceremoniously and grins at the crowd::


Fat Cat: Before I begin with the nominees for this, hhm, hhm, “award”, I have a few prepared remarks. It’s a little present to my favorite animal: Me!


::The rotund feline’s words are greeted by the sounds of hundreds of spectators rising from the seats to head to the concession stands. Fat Cat pounds the podium with his paws, his yellow and green eyes filled with contempt::


Fat Cat: What is the meaning of this?! You’re perfectly willing to sit there and tolerate the buffoonery and antics of every other silly presenter, especially those two foolish nutmunchers. But you won’t allow me a few words of my own choosing?


Audience: That’s right!!


Monterey Jack: (off stage) If you know what’s good for ya, Fat, you’ll get ta th’award!


Fat Cat: Fine! Have it your way! (mutters to himself) Why do I bother to appear at this silly little ceremony year after year? (speaks into the microphone with a disdainful tone) This year’s nominees… for Best… All-Time Artwork are:


Of Mice and Mayhem, Fish
Plots” and “The Times of Their Lives” Covers, Charles Williams
RR logo mosaic, pupspals
Jeff's ranger mosaic
Clarice standing - Te'Targa
Clarice sitting - Te'Targa
Older Bink – Toni
Gadget in the Night, Mikhail
Gadget’s Cosmos, Mikhail
Resurrection, Mikhail
The Rangers of Oz, Fish
Fantasy Rangers Group Shot, Toni
The Poem, Bocks Car and Lotacats


Fat Cat: Now that’s a mouseful! Heh, heh!


::The audience remains silence, except for a few mischievous crickets. Fat Cat glowers indignantly at the crowd::


Fat Cat: (sneers) If you want my expert opinion on this…


Audience: We don’t!!


::The kitty crime lord turns as purple as his waistcoat::


Fat Cat: Why you insolent, disrespectful little…


::His burgeoning tirade is cut short by an all too familiar sound of a plunger harpoon being loaded and then cocked from the dark recess of stage right. Without another word, Fat Cat quickly delves a paw into his pocket, pulls out an envelope, slices it open with his claw, and removes the card::


Fat Cat: (reads, with his brow soaked with sweat): Andthisyear’sswimmer, Imean,winnerforAllTimeBestArtworkis…Mice and Mayhem, by Fish!


::Accepting for Mr. Fischer..some local wallaby in an oversized tuxedo…apparently attempting to pass himself off as Fish…let's see what he has to say::


Fish: Yeeah, mate..uhh..thaynx fehr thee'ward..it looks deelishus right, then? Don't look for me after the show behuynd the dumstah owt back- cause I won't be theyre all tied up or nuthin…with no wallet…or tux…


Uhh—I also want to make a formal apology to all the indigenous and otherwise good populace of AustRAYlia for my gratuitously horrendous phonetic depiction of Monterey Jack's melodious accent.


I also know that no wallaby's would evah plot for three yeears to exact any revengy-type plans or nuthin so don't go lookin.


Right then. Goo-niy't."


::Reluctant confused applause follows while Fat Cat applauds enthusiastically::


Fat Cat: Bravo! Well done! Most deserving! I’ve been an admirer for a long time! Well, I should be leaving!


::With one more apprehensive look over his shoulder, he makes a surprisingly rapid departure for a feline of his girth stage left as the wallaby bounds off the stage with the award. In moments he’s tackled by several bouncers who turn the award over to Fish::