::The scene returns to the inside of the Sydney Opera House, where Indy takes the stage once again::


Indy: Well everyone, it’s been great. 2005 was the best year yet! And your guess is as good as mine as to where we’ll be next year. But wherever it is, there’s something we can always count on. Hit it!


::The orchestra kicks in, and Rangers and Rangerphiles begin filling the stage. The curtains part and The JAM is at the wheel of Greyhound Bus, who toots his horn loudly::




Dr. Indy, Chris Silva and Stephen C: Some-times…

Tanka, Rachel and Fish: Some crimes..

Van Man and Bock’s Car: Go slippin’ through the cracks…

Gadget and Clarice: But these two, gum-shoes…

Monty and Jeff Parkes: Are pickin’ up the slack!

Guys: There’s no case too big, no case too small!

Gals: If you need help just call…

ALL: ChipChipChip ‘n Dale, RES-CUE RAN-GERS!

Chip and Dale: ChipChipChip ‘n Dale!

Gadget and Foxy: When there’s dan-ger!

CD and Clarice: No no, it never fails once they’re involved…

Gwendolyn and Ruslan: Some-how what-ever’s wrong gets solved!

ALL: ChipChipChip ‘n Dale, RES-CUE RAN-GERS!

Chip and Dale: ChipChipChip ‘n Dale!

Gadget and Foxy: When there’s dan-ger!


::The party is on! It’s hard to hear with Greyhound’s horn blaring but everyone’s having a great time::

Stan: And that’s your 2005 Golden Acorn Awards. A great year for Rachel, and one that saw talented newcomers like Toni and veteran winners like Fish. Katie, what’s it like out there?

::The scene switches outside, where already the Rangerphiles are milling about the Opera House::

Katie: It’s wonderful, Stan. Rachel! Rachel, do you have a minute? Can you talk to us about your win?

Rachel: Oh, I never dreamed tonight would be like this. Thank you, everyone!

Katie: And here’s Tanka. Did you think you’d win the Lifetime Achievement award?

Tanka: Not tonight I didn’t, Katie. I’m just…stunned!

Katie: And there you have it, Stan. Everyone’s heading into downtown Sydney to see the sights and celebrate. Back to you!

Stan: Thanks, Katie, and for all those that made this night possible, we thank you. My time’s up, and I thank you for yours… 

::Dale pushes Stan out of the way::

Dale: Anyone know how to stop an angry Gadget?

::Now Chip comes into view::

Chip: Or where we can get her a new dress? Uh oh, I smell insecticide!


::The chipmunks run screaming into the night, a miffed mouse inventor trailing them. Stan shrugs, and the scene fades to black::