::At Flame Opals, the electronic security was second to none. However, they couldn't have prepared for Fat Cat--he'd hired an expert of his own to case the store for him and get him past the alarms. So it was that he and the Goon Squad had set up a bank of electronic gear that nullified all precautions. For the past fifteen minutes, they'd been helping themselves to the booty within.


Fat Cat held up a large ten-carat black opal, so that it sparkled and radiated its beauty::


Fat Cat: Oh, the favors I can buy with just one of these! Such a refined and cultured stone deserves to be in my tender care. Of course, I'll have to keep several of them for...WHAT ARE YOU IDIOTS DOING!?!


::The idiots--namely Mole and Mepps--were using a combination of black and white opals to play marbles::


Mole:  These marbles aren't very good.  Look how easy they break.


::Fat Cat practically leaped onto the glass case they were using for their game, protecting the opals they hadn't destroyed::


Fat Cat: YOU DUNDERHEADS! These aren't marbles! They're fragile, like your microscopic little minds!


::The crime kitty gathered up all the marbles...er, opals, and put them into a black velvet bag he'd brought along::


Fat Cat: Now, all we have to do is get out and return to that crate without being spotted. The crate's got a return request on it, so we'll end up right back in New York with a king's ransom in opals!


Mole:  Opal?  Isn't that that lady with the television show?


Chip: No, but soon you're going to be featured on "Australia's Most Wanted"!


Wart:  Are we going to have that Crocodile Hunter guy chasing us?


Cheddarhead: Nope, but you've got Cheddarhead Charlie to deal with!


Kate: And Camembert Kate!


Monty: Not to mention good ol' Monterey Jack and the rest of the Rangers!


::Wart stands on one leg and puts his arms out, "Karate Kid" style::


Wart:  I've been watching a lot of movies, I'm ready for you!


Cheddarhead: Time for a jolly punchup!


::The Aussies yelled and ran into the fray. The Goon Squad put up a good effort, but they were no match for the combined efforts of the Erskine family. Bad guys were strewn on cases, on the floor and on their knees. Gadget disconnected Fat Cat's devices, setting off the alarm, and causing the panicked cat to run for it::


Gadget:  The authorities will be here soon.  We'd better make like a one celled organism and divide.


::Dale shook his head and put a hand on Gadget's shoulder::


Dale:  Gadget, you'd better leave the comedy to me.  Gang, we better make like a banana and split!


Fat Cat: You'll never get me! I'll sell these opals and make a fortune! And then I'll—


::Spotlights engulf the area as Australian police show up on the scene::


Fat Cat: I'll get out of here with my fur intact!


::Fat Cat threw the bag, which one of the officers caught. The cat burglar ran for it and managed another escape, along with the Goon Squad. The Rangers and Erskines looked on, satisfied::


Chip: Well, that'll teach Fat Cat to--omigosh! The ceremony! We've got to get back inside before the big finale!


Dale:  I hope my D+G fanfic won something.


Zipper:  I bet it didn't beat out my Z+G fanfic