::Indy steps up to the podium::


Indy: The Best All-Time Fanfic award represents what the community sees today as the best of the best. That’s changed over the years, but not a lot. True quality has a way of rising to the top time and again, and that’s one reason for this award—we should let our best storytellers know each year that we appreciate their efforts. And it’s always possible that a new favorite will emerge.


::Indy gestures to the Jumbotron::


Indy: The nominees for Best All-Time Fanfic are…


Best All-Time Fanfic


Of Mice and Mayhem

Rhyme and Reason

Space Wars: the Ranger Parody

Gadget in Chains

Clarice Returns, Rachel

Nothing But a Gadget, Indy


::Indy takes the envelope::


Indy: And the 2005 winner for Best All-Time Fanfic is…well what else on this night, a tie! Mike Demcio and Fish, you have the floor…


::Fish enters, sporting a black eye and Monty's Cowardly Lion Costume.::


Fish: I woke up tux-less in the dumpster just outside of the Rangers’ dressing room. I saw this in the window and just had to have it. Thank goodness for suspension of line-up height on awards night.


::Indy shrugs as several folks look his way::


Fish: Anyway-- I am sooooo honored to share this award with the main man himself Mike Demcio, who, with his other incredible RR work, "Soul Searching," inspired me to write "of mice and mayhem" in the first place. I am but a padawan to his Jedi master. Although, standing here next to him tonight I sort of feel like saying 'the circle is now complete..at first I was a learner etc. etc. heh heh heh"


John “Q” Davidson: Hey- the Star Wars geek awards are at the VIENNA opera house this year, turkey!


Fish: Uhh-- sorry..let me check Winston's database for a fitting Ranger related quote…


John:  Too late. No time or space for the thread that would kick off.


Fish: Hey, look. I KNOW Mike personally, and I happen to know that HE's a huge Star Wars fan, too, so watch it, pal! My son now owns his childhood "Hoth Playset."


John:  Too much information! Get on with the awards! We have to vacate the premises! "La Traviata" starts the overture in 20 minutes!


Fish: Um-right. Well- Like I said-- thank you soo much for this honor, everybody! And thanks to ALL the writers at the café for keeping the spirit alive! Mike, ready to come up? Oh, we couldn’t get hold of him? Well, that’s okay. He’s a friend of mine and I know he appreciates it.


::Fish accepts his award and heads offstage, then stops and faces the audience::


Fish:  And NEVER trust a talking wallaby! ….does this Lion suit smell like Brie '86 or ….is it ME?


::The mixture of laughter and shrugs doesn’t help, and Fish trots offstage::