Best All-Time Author


::To the imposing strains of Star Warsí Imperial March, Darth Vader takes the stage.Once he reaches the podium he begin to speak, gesturing dramatically with his gloved fists.::


Vader: Gadget, they never told you about your true romantic inclinations.Gadget, I am your true love!Search your feelings, you know it to be true.You have the power to destroy my bachelorhood.I have foreseen it.Join me and we can put an end to this destructive conflict between the pros and antis and together we can rule the fandom as husband and wife!


::A plunger harpoon shoots down from above and adheres itself to the top of the Sith Lordís helmet.The harpoon is quickly reeled in causing the all concealing helmet to be loosed with a ĎPOPí.The man behind the mask is revealed to be Kevin Sharbaugh.After looking about nervously, he continues.::


KS: Well, now that I have been restored to the Light Side of the Fandom... Best All-Time Author is an honor bestowed upon the author whose combined works have earned them a place of honor beyond this one year.Those authors in the running for his award:


Indy and Chris Silva, jointly,




Stainless Steel Rat,


Kevin Sharbaugh,




and Loneheart.


And the recipient of the Golden Acorn for Best All-Time Author, whom I promise not to Force choke if it isnít me, is...