::Indy comes out again::

Indy: I’m pleased to present the award for Best All-Time Artwork. In this community of superb talent, this award is truly one of the highest. To even be considered for it says quite a lot about one’s artistic abilities. And now, the nominees…


Gadget in the Night, Mikhail

Of Mice and Mayhem, Fish

Plots & The Times of their Lives Covers

The Rangers of Oz, Fish

Clarice standing

Gadget's Cosmos, Mikhail


::Indy takes the envelope::

Indy: And our winner is…




Indy: Dale!


Dale: It’s me!? WOW!


Indy: No Dale, it is Fish!


Dale: Well, make up your mind!


::Indy sighs::

Indy: Come on up, pally! Accepting for Mr. Fischer..some local wallaby in an oversized tuxedo…apparently attempting to pass himself off as Fish…let's see what he has to say…


“Fish”: Yeeah, mate..uhh..thaynx fehr thee'ward..it Iooks deelishus right, then? Don't look for me after the show behuynd the dumstah owt back- cause I won't be theyre all tied up or nuthin…with no wallet.,,

or tux..


Uhh--I also wan't to make a formal apology to all the indigenous and otherwise good populace of AustRAYlia for my gratuitously horrendous phonetic depiction of Monterey Jack's melodious accent.


I also know that no wallaby's would evah plot for three yeears to exact any revengy-type plans or nuthin so don't go lookin.


Right then. Goo-niy't.


::As “Fish” leaves, Indy stares after him::

Indy: You know, I think that may not have been Fish at all….