Walking jauntily to the podium, NeoBat waves to the crowd with a broad smile.


NeoBat:  “Well, you all decided to stay.  I thank you all for that.  Now, for the presentation of the 2005 Best All Time Website Award.  To help present this award we have been honored with presence of a person that knows a little something about the internet from personal experience.  Ladies and gentlemen welcome back Alexander Fairmont escorting our special guest, Desert Poppy a.k.a. Wardriver.


From stage left the albino cyborg walks out with a wingtip wrapped around Alex’s arm.  With the other wing she waves in acknowledgment to the welcome she receives from the throng.  Upon reaching the podium both cyborgs smile out at the still applauding gathering.  Alex then steps away from the podium while extending a hand toward his co-presenter and the applause continues unabated.  Poppy places her wings up over her face to try and hide the fact that she’s blushing.  Finally, Alex steps forward again and the applause finally starts to die down.


Alex:  “See, Poppy.  I told you that they were a good bunch.”

Poppy:  “So, I see.   I’ve never been so warmly welcomed anywhere before.  I’m glad you talked me into coming, Alex.”

Alex:  “Heh, I couldn’t have talked you into anything that you didn’t really want to do, Poppy.  So, thank yourself.”

Poppy:  “Well, be that as it may.  Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.  We’re here to present the award for the 2005 Best All Time Website.  I don’t think that it would be too much of a stretch to say that if not for websites most of us wouldn’t even know each other.”

Alex:  Nodding. “That’s a dead on certainty there, Poppy.”

Poppy:  “Well, I suppose we’d best get to it, big guy.”

Alex:  “Agreed….And the nominees are….Russian CDRR Portal.”

Poppy:  “Indy’s Ranger Museum”

Alex:  “Russian CDRR Headquarters.”

Poppy:  “The Acorn Café.”

Alex:  “The Foxglove Feature.”

Poppy:  “The RR Database under Matt Plotecher.”

Alex:  Opening the envelope and passing it to his co-presenter.  “Will you please do the honors, Poppy?”

Poppy:  “Gladly…And the winner is…”



Alex:  “May I escort you backstage, m’lady?”

Poppy:  Smiling.  “I’d be delighted, my good, sir.”


Wing in arm the two altered bats start to walk off stage with NeoBat following close behind.


NeoBat:  “See you people later at the after party.  Until then…”  Waves and leaves.