::Chip Maplewood comes out on stage, looking proud as he steps up to the podium to announce the next award::


Chip: The Special Mention award is more than just a mention. It’s meant to recognize the person or people who may not get a lot of attention but are certainly deserving of our thanks for what they’ve done for the community. And now, the nominees:


Silent Shadow aka Prapor for leading the CDRR HQ team.

Russian Animation Team, for New Adventures of Gadget Hackwrench

Toni for the Ranger Emoticons

Lotacats, for all the help she is

Jeff Pierce, for organizing the What’s My Plotline contest.

To all those who helped in the move from the old to the new café.


Chip: Hey, aren’t they all great?


::The audience applauds in agreement and Chip pulls out an envelope::


Chip: And the winner for Special Mention is…Jeff Pierce and Toni!


::With a look of pleasant surprise on his face, Jeff steps up to the podium and accepts the Golden Acorn from Chip, then turns to address the audience::


Jeff: Thank you all very much!  To be honest, I didn't expect to win, given the very worthy competition I was up against!  Lotacats and the Russian Rangerphiles all deserve tremendous thanks for their contributions to our fandom over the years, and especially during 2005.  Please join with me in applauding their efforts!


::After the applause subsides, he continues::


Toni: I deeply appreciate the honor of this award, but truth be told, the *real* winners are all of the people who participated in the What's My Plotline? contest and made it such a success.  Your story ideas were entertaining, imaginative, resourceful, and best of all, you didn't hurt anyone. 


::blinks, then facepalms:: 


Toni (muttering): That's what I get for watching 'Dirty Rotten Diapers' while composing an acceptance speech...


::he blushes as the audience chuckles at his faux pas::


Toni: Anyway, I again thank you all for this award, which I accept on behalf of all the What's My Plotline? participants.  Rest assured, we'll start the contest up again soon, better than ever!  Or, at least as good as it was before. 


::grins and shrugs:: 


Toni: Muchas gracias, amigoes, y vaya con Dios!


::With that, Jeff departs the stage, giving a thumbs-up to the audience as he exits stage right. Chip nods to the audience and follows him::