::Once again, as they always do, the lights dim as a spotlight beams down on our only Bus as he drives out on stage. He takes up his spot behind the podium, leaning against it sideways as he did before, award in tow::


GB: Iím back again folks....there's just no stoppin me now!!!


::Kirby and Muldoon pull out their ticket books, and Greyhound Bus smiles back at them::


GB: All right, back to da business of awarding. This here presentation's for Most Prolific Rangerphile. Last year's winner was Tanka, a cutie she is i tell ya that! Time ta give up da crown Missy!!


::Tanka crosses her arms, but in good humor as the audience laughs. He opens the envelope using a Greyhound Lines letter opener::


GB: And da winner of dis year's Most Prolific Rangerphile is....Stainless Steel Rat!! Ya Stole it away!! Come on down!!!


::Once again, the stoplights go searching around for their target. They finally land on Stainless as he leaves his table again, coming up on stage. This time he picks up his award and the handshake from Greyhound Bus. He approaches the microphone::


Stainless: Well, I donít know what to sayÖ


::He turns to leave, then stops and turns back to the microphone::


Stainless: Why is it when someone says that they always give a speech twice as long as anyone elseís? Well not this rat. Iím particularly surprised to be given the award for Most Prolific Rangerphile, since Iíve only been with the cafť for a few months. But I guess itís basically an award for rambling on, which is something I do well. I canít help it. My mind wanders, and comes back with souvenirs.


::The audience chuckles::


Stainless: I look forward to being a part of the Acorn Cafť for a long time to come. Itís unfortunate that RRRPG is taking up so much of my time, but I will definitely be around. Thank you once again everyone who voted for me, and Iím sorry for the other people nominated for this award.


::He steps down and heads back to his table where Foxy gives him a hug. Greyhound blasts his horns again::


GB: And thatís it for my night ta shine folks!! See yíalls at da after party, which I heard's gunna be off da ab-so-lute chain yo!!! PARTY TIME!!!!! WOOT!!!


::He starts blowing his horns again repeatedly as the curtain drops::