Cliff Richard's “Congratulations” is played in the background, as Puss'N'Boots and Donkey from Shrek, Dodger and Rita from Oliver & Company is entering the half dark stage, and the audience is clapping.


Rita says 'Good evening Australia!' and she continues 'This year are we going to celebrate Eurovision Song Contest's 50 years anniversary!'


Puss'N'Boots is shouting 'Let's hear it from the audience! Volare, Oooooh!' as the audience is loudly responding 'Volare, Ooooh!'


Donkey is saying 'We are going to perform Sweden's song Listen To Your Heartbeat, who got performed in the ESC in Copenhagen 2001, and we are having Shrek 1 & 2 All Stars, and Sydney's Symphony Orchestra to help us, and we want the audience to sing along too!' as the stage is getting illuminated by disco lights, and a TV screen is showing various images of Stockholm.


Listen To Your Hearbeat:


Rita:I wanna know
What you feel inside
Is something wrong
Why did you leave last night
Is it all just a game
Rita & Dodger:Oh, tell me why we can't be lovers

Rita:I do believe
In the two of us
That you and me
We are the only ones
And we were meant to be true
Rita & Dodger:So, tell me why we can't be lovers

Rita:How could I be such a fool
I thought I already knew it all, but I know
I was totally wrong

CHORUS (All) :

Listen to your hearbeat
It will take you higher
Follow your emotions
I know you'll get stronger

Listen to your heartbeat
Your feeling will guide you
Hold on to devotion
I know it's inside you

How will I know
If you're fooling me
Maybe I'm wrong
But it seems, to be like
it's all just a game
And I just want us to be lovers

We had it all in our hands
Just like those all happy ends
I still don't know why
But we lost it somehow

CHORUS (Donkey & Puss'N'Boots)

One more chance to make a try
Nothing left to do for you and I


Listen to your heartbeat...