Gwendloyn the female Siamese cat and Buster the Canadian Bloodhound from the German animated movie 'The Fearless Four' enter the stage as the inspiring melody of 'Hand In Hand' from 'The Fearless Four' is played in the background .

 Gwendolyn: Guten tag, or hey everybody! We are going to present two nominated writers, and this time in the category for Best Song Parody!'

Buster: Just two? There are four of us!

Gwendolyn: But not everyone can write good songs. It takes talent.

Buster: Oh. So why aren’t there four of them?

Gwendolyn: Never mind. And the nominated are…

 'Eurovision Song Contest 2005 - Rescue Rangers Version' by Gwendolyn Katsche

 'Oh Golly' by Neal Wolf

 Buster: You were nominated? What a refined bunch of people!

Gwendolyn: Yes, they are. And the winners are…oh wait, just one. Neal Wolf!

::A large wolf trots up to the stage wearing a full tux, right down to the bow tie.  His considerably long hair is pulled back in a half-tail, and the white fur in his cheeks is tinted slightly red from blushing.  He smiles as he accepts the award from (presenter) in his teeth, then sets it down on the podium to speak.


Neal: Um, golly... *chuckles* Being recognized for any of my work is great, but receiving this award for something music-related is a particular honor.  I'd like to thank my friends outside the Rangerphile community for supporting my music addiction and my goofiness with lyrics.


::He gets a few laughs from certain Rangerphiles::


Neal: Moreover, thanks to all of you, both for this award and for making an old mutt like me feel welcome among you.  Thank you!


::The audience claps and he bows low, touching his nose to the ground, then retrieves  his award and trots off the stage, tail wagging a mile a minute. Gwendolyn and Buster follow in short order::