::Indy returns once more::

Indy: A poem...

The images a poem lends
Are wonders to the mind
To the reader they send
Them to a place rare to find...

::Indy nods as the applause comes again::

Indy: Poetic imagery is perhaps the hardest to capture. But at the moment, so may be your attention so let's see who our nominees are...

Rime of the Ancient Ranger , Wedge
"On Gossamer Wings" by Bock's Car 509
What Mice Know

::Indy takes the envelope::

Indy: And the winner is...it's another tie, for Wedge and Bock's Car! As you know, Wedge isn't here, so Bock's the show's all yours!

::bock's climbs the steps to the stage and approaches the podium. He accepts his award graciously from the presenter, and thanks him/her. As he takes his place at the podium, he raises the award overhead and with enthusiasm yells, "The bock's Rocks!". Cheers and a blast of airhorns come from the crowd. bock's waits for the applause to settle::

"Thank you, thank you. I am pleased to accept this honor. It means a great deal to me that you chose to bestow this award on me. I could not have done it without all of your support."

"Thank you Foxglove, for being my inspiration."

"Indy, Thank you for your help."

"And I would like to give special thanks to Lotacats for the artwork she made for this poem. For me, it gives double meaning to Best Imagery. Had it not been for your kind words about my poetic efforts, which inspired me to seek a joint effort between you and I, it is unlikely this poem would have seen the light of day. This award is as much yours, as it is mine."

"Thanks again, everyone. Now, back to the show, and let's keep this joint Rockin!"

::bock's again raises his award, waves to the crowd and exits the stage. On the way back to his seat, he acknowledges those around him who offer their congratulations::