::Indy returns again::


Indy: Another poem…


The best poet: who can it be?

Is he a romantic soul

Or simply good with homily?

Right now, to learn’s our goal…


::Indy receives another kind round of applause and gets down to business::


Indy: The nominees for Best Poet are…


Bock’s Car 509

Ronnie Rabbit



::Indy accepts the envelope::


Indy: And our winner is…Bock’s Car!


::bock's makes his way to the stage. He turns and waves to the crowd as he approaches the podium. He accepts the award and thanks the presenter. Looking over the top of the podium, he waits as the applause lowers, and addresses the assembled guests::


Bock’s: Thank you very much. Bear with me while I wax poetic.


Without the help of friends

One searches for a worthy foil

Means don't justify the ends

And life is full of toil

Finding that which mends


A friendly place to take a rest

Full of smiling, sincere faces

To forget about life's mundane test

And try to fill the empty spaces

Before moving on, to resume the quest


 And so I stand, to take my due

That, which is yours to give

My friends, this much is true

As long as I shall live

It matters not, Except for you


::bock's raises the award overhead and yells::


Bock’s: Thanks again, see you at the post-game party!


::Indy and Bock’s nod at each other respectfully, then bock's rejoins his friends in the audience, taking a good share of light-hearted ribbing from Da' Bus::