::Indy comes out on stage, and clears his throat::

Indy: A poem…


The writer of the poem

Is a truly savant fellow

His verses, he’ll flow ‘em

With words harsh and mellow…


::Indy bows ceremonially as the audience kindly applauds::


Indy: Best Verse is something difficult to capture. It’s a combination of the proper flow of words, combined with that distinct je ne sais quoi that gives lyrical language its appeal. So now, let’s see who’s our top verse writers this year…


Rime of the Ancient Ranger, Wedge

"What Mice Know" by Ronnie Rabbit

On Gossamer Wings by Bock's Car 509


::Indy opens the envelope::

Indy: I know you’re all beginning to wear down, so we’ll keep it short. The Best Verse winner is…well, another tie! Come on up, Ronnie and Wedge!


Ronnie comes back out from backstage, still holding his other award, utterly

bewildered, a toonish o.O expression on his face.  He stops, halfway to the

podium, and looks around the auditorium like a child in a candy store for

the very first time.  Finally, the presenter comes and carefully guides him

over to his spot.


The bunny takes his second award, trying to balance them both in his arms. 

He doesn't seem to want to put them down for even a moment to talk.


"Um... golly!" he says weakly. "If I had known a little poem in free verse

about my deep and abiding affection for Gadget, couched with

pseudo-religious overtones, would be something people actually enjoyed I

woulda written one ages ago."


He chuckles nervously, and takes a deep breath to calm himself down. 

"There.  I... when you write something like this, you know, all you can hope

is you're not just babbling about something meaningless to everyone else.  I

guess I'm not the only one who's been looking for answers... asking who

Gadget is, why she means so much to so many people.  A library, or a Cafe...

because that's where I really learned everything I know about her, learned

all the many things she could be, at the Cafe.  So many things to so many

people, but always the same.  Always Gadget."


He smiles. "I am so lucky to live in this world, where Gadget already

exists.  Here, Gadget will never need to invent herself... you've all helped

invent her."


He bows.  "Thank you... I hope that one night, when you have questions, you

can find the Library yourselves.  And if you're lucky enough to see the

Librarian... please... all I ask... tell her I showed you the way?"


::He rubs his orange paw across his eyes as they start to tear up again, and

has to be led once more offstage. Indy takes the podium::


Indy: We couldn’t get in touch with Wedge, but we send him a heartfelt welcome for such a good work. Thanks, Wedge!


::Indy takes the award with him and heads offstage::