Best Use of a Recurring Series Character


 ::With Bach's 'Brandenburg Concerto, no. 3' playing, bock's car approaches the microphone. Pausing to let the crowd settle, he begins his presentation::


 Bock’s Car: Good evening, friends. Hey, give yourselves a hand, y'all been great tonight.


::Cheering and applause rock the theatre::


 Bock’s Car: This award will be presented this night to the person whom you have chosen to have made the most memorable use of a regular series character during the past year. The field was full of worthy aspirants. Alas, only one may claim the prize.


The nominees are:


Gadget, Gadget in Chains, Loneheart

Nimnul, The Good, the Mad, and the Dale, Toni

Fat Cat/Girth Vastcat, Space Wars: The Ranger Parody, KS

Norton Nimnul/Grand Moff Nimnul, Space Wars: The Ranger Parody, KS

Gadget, Nothing But a Gadget, Indy and Chris Silva


The 2005 winner of Best Use of a Recurring Series Character goes to (bock's opens the envelope)....Kevin Sharbaugh for Fat Cat, along with Indy and Chris Silva for Gadget!


::Fat Cat struts onto the stage as if he owns it.  Reaching the podium, he looks out over the audience like a king surveying his subjects.::


Fat Cat: Ah... It pleases me to know that my admittedly formidable skills as an actor are truly appreciated.  But then my dramatic abilities are rivaled only by my prowess as a crime b- er, legitimate businesscat.  And what better venue for my greatness than the role of Vastcat?  George Lucas said that “Star Wars” was ultimately a story about Darth Vader, therefore “Space Wars” was a story about me.


::As people throughout the audience were rolling their eyes at the feline’s exercise in ego they didn’t notice at first the entrance of KS onto the stage.  Periodically peering back over his shoulder as he walked warily across the stage, he was attracting quite a bit of attention.::


Luwhiney [from the wings]: HA!  There you are!


::Fat Cat, seeing the author break out into a run in his direction, pursued by the outraged Luwhiney, curls into a ball behind the podium.  KS subsequently trips over him and goes sprawling face first onto the stage.  Seeing this, Luwhiney halts her pursuit.::


Luwhiney: I believe that’s good enough. [She turns and proceeds to leave the stage] That’ll teach you to get me to dress like a bimbo... without adequate compensation.


::Meanwhile, Indy and Chris Silva come up on stage::


::Indy and Chris approach the podium, looking as if they're wondering where they'll put all these statues::


Indy: Our story placed Gadget in two roles that were interesting to watch, even for us. The idea of her being an android was one I'd thought about for years, so to see it in writing was very gratifying. Her role as Barbara was also interesting, but in a different way. It gave Gadget a chance to be someone new entirely, and it was even a little scary to see what would happen.


Chris: Indeed. To see her aware of the munks feelings for her and getting annoyed at them for it and to finally get the chance to explore Geegaw and to re-invent Lahwhinie yet again.


Indy: Hey, what's a good story without reinventing her again? Thanks, everyone!


::The audience laughs and Chris and Indy take their awards and head offstage. Bock's exits, leaving the winners to bask in the limelight. KS eventually picks himself up and self consciously leaves the stage, followed shortly after by a grumbling Fat Cat::