::In the rigging backstage, bock's car hangs from a beam by his tail. A soft fluttering distracts him from his thoughts. Foxglove grasps the beam and hangs beside bock's::


Foxy: You know you're on next?


Bock's: Yeah, but they'll wait.


Foxy: What are you thinking about?


Bock's: Not much, really. Just how neat it is to be here, how much fun it is to be a part of the ceremonies. (With a wink at the lovely bat beside him...) How much I enjoy the company.


Foxy (blushing): Stop that! You know how jealous Dale gets.


Bock's (smiling): Yeah, that's why I do it. Foxy playfully smacks bock's with a wing Anyhow, I was just collecting my thoughts before I go on. I really should get moving though. Thanks for reminding me.


::Bock's starts to climb down, hesitates, and turns to Foxglove::


Bock’s: Thanks for everything.


::Bock's grabs a rope and slides down to a catwalk and continues down to the stage level::


Foxy (calling after him): What do you mean by that?


::Bock's car only turns and waves to Foxglove, hurrying to give his presentation::




::'You Can Do Magic', by America, plays in the background. Bock's car enters the stage from the left. Taking his place at the podium, he begins his presentation::


 Bock’s: Good evening. I'd have driven out here again, but my car got towed. Something about 'Crazy Yanks' driving on the wrong side of the road. It was a simple mistake. I said I was sorry. Okay... I admit I was going 170 KPH at the time, but being labeled 'Persona non grata' seems a little harsh. Anyhow, after the show... I could use a ride.


::Chuckles- and groans- come from the assembly::


Bock’s: The popularity of CDRR's One Shot characters is well established, and many writers make liberal use of them. With only one appearance, the personalities of these characters are not as defined as the regulars, and thus, allows considerable flexibility in their portrayal. One Shot characters have even become the focal point of Fan written stories. Tonight, one of our writers will be honored by being presented with this award, given to the one who has best incorporated a One Shot character into their work.


 ::Bock's car rips open the envelope...::


Bock’s: The winner of this year's 'Best Use of a One Shot Series Character' is....KS for his use of Lahwhinie in “Space Wars”. Congratulations!


::Onto the stage sashays a shapely blond female mouse dressed in a form-fitting white gown with a belt of silver coins draped over her broad hips.  She smiles seductively and waves to the audience as the males cheer wildly.  Arriving at the podium, Luwhiney lingers as she soaks in the raucous sycophancy.  Once the noise had died down of its own accord, she began...::


Luwhiney: Hello boys.


::The cheers start up once more, to her obvious delight.  Noticing Chip motioning to his wrist authoritatively she decides to bring a close to her wanton manipulation.  Clearing her throat, the joyous males in the audience take the hint and cease their hooting, hollering and wolf whistles::


Luwhiney: Y’know, I think I could get used to being one of the good guys.  There must be all kinds of things you can get away with when no one suspects you!  But that’s not why I’m here.  I’m here because you all liked how KS used me...


::Several people in the audience erupt with laughter.::


Luwhiney: In the story... you perverts!  But I did enjoy being Princess Luau.  I wasn’t just a princess, I was the female lead and had both chipmunks all to myself.  All Gadget got was to pretend to be a hairy guy.


::Luwhiney is quickly bombarded with jeers from the numerous Gadgephiles in attendance.  Her expression sours for a moment before a devilish smile plays across her face.::


Luwhiney: Yeah?  Well I know all you Gadget lovers are going to absolutely drool for me when I get to wear that slave-girl outfit in “Space Wars: Return of the Chipmunks”!


KS [in the audience]: If I’m not doing “The Empire Gets Gas” I’m not doing “Return of the Chipmunks”!


Luwhiney [raising an eyebrow]: Oh, so you had me try on that outfit for kicks then?


KS: No!  It was... um...


Luwhiney: No sequels, huh? [She picks up the Golden Acorn and brandishes it menacingly.] Well maybe it’s time for a certain writer to get hit with ‘inspiration’!


::The irate mouse jumps down from the stage and proceeds to advance on the writer... who politely excuses himself and beats a hasty retreat. Bock's decides to take the award and engage in an impromptu game of 'Keep Away', and puts the podium between himself and Lahwhinie. After a few feints, Bock's relents, and, wearing a huge grin, gives up the prize. The Hawaiian hussy looks around, but Kevin’s already gone. Bock's scuttles off, dodging a mock kick from the miffed mouse::