::CD walks on stage and stands behind the podium. The entry is overly sober, while CD looks and dresses like he was the member of some political party.::


CD: Greetings to all of the assembled. The following presentation will be concerning character interaction. The objective of good character interaction is to create an atmosphere wherein you will positively carry over an intended mood. To not open up one's story to misinterpretation and allow confusion to reign. To make for a melodious and aesthetically pleasing plot that is both pleasant to the mental image and obvious to the mind.


Many authors will need to master this aspect for entirely pleasing literature. If persons cannot express their mindsets properly and release their inner feeling to each other, the ratings such a story will recieve shall not be to the author's expectation and ultimately lead to his obscurity in the literal world of novels. For it is in novels and fiction that the author must create entirely new realities and event that did not happen ever before, thus making the challenge to think up appropriate actions and reactions all the more imperative.


::CD takes a bow and the audience starts clapping. When it dies down CD speaks again.::


CD: Is there ANYONE in the building who has ANY idea WHAT I meant?


::Silence. Only a few people raise their hands uncertainly.::


CD: Neither did I. I'll tell you, I took some pseudo-intelligent words, the ugliest I could think of, and stitched them together into a would-be formal speech. But it is really degrading to see this entire room become completely silent, and then reward this bogus with APPLAUSE! I'm very sorry, but that reaction made me lose respect for you all.


::CD lets his words sink in, and speak again, less accusing now.::


CD: And you will notice that because of its simplicity the second time around I made sense! And that's what important! To not sound like a politician, a nerd or a business CEO. But to talk clearly and communicate you message to the masses!


That's the trick! That's how you write a pleasing story: making a story simple and clear, but still conjuring up elaborate images of what the characters think and do. People who succeeded in doing that this year in our community include:


    Stainless Steel Rat for "The Do-Nutters"

    KS for "Space Wars: The Ranger Parody"

    Ronnie Rabbit for "C-G: A Romance"

    Rachel with Chip and Clarice in "Clarice Returns"

    Loneheart with Dale and Basil in "Gadget In Chains"

    Indy and Chris Silva for Dale and Gadget in "Nothing But A Gadget"


    And the card I'm holding here tells me the winner is…ARE Ronnie Rabbit and KS! Now you's all shut yer yappers cause they’s gonna give ya'll a speech!


::The rabbit in his seat is truly dumbfounded now.  He wanders up onstage, but still doesn't seem to manage to trip into any Gadget-laps::


"I'm really pleased by this one, too," he says, beaming happily.  "It was something I really wanted to work on in this story; my dialogue has always been really weak, I think.  Really, 'C - G' was me wanting to work on a lot of things: interaction, action, romance, and a longer work - I haven't written anything long since 'Broken Glass', and I wanted to push myself.  Mostly, though, it was just an idea I couldn't get rid of, so I decided to grin and bear it!  Gosh, now I'm really glad, too!" he says, hefting his new award with a big grin.


"The title really says it all.  The dynamic between Chip and Gadget had aspects I didn't think had really been explored, and I've started seeing some really great Chips in stories this year, who really inspired me.  I wanted him brilliant and dynamic - really a match for Gadget - but not to ignore his very real problems, either, his 'control freak' nature, his sometimes self-centeredness.  And I had to have them bounce off of each other again and again to show how those two strong personalities contrasted, and could never work together in a relationship, and fit together perfectly in a relationship."


He bows most sweepingly.  "I'm glad I was able to pull it off.  Thank you so much, everyone.  And if you see any Gadgets wearing a cheesy disguise... run!  We're all in big trouble!"


He takes his award and hops offstage, but he looks a little nervous.  He sure hopes 'Gidget Haberdasher' isn't planning some kind of big heist to shake up the Awards... she'd probably steal the whole Sydney Opera House...


::Kevin Sharbaugh takes the stage and walks to the podium::


KS: Writing “Space Wars” had an interesting twist to it, having to write believably for the Ragners, but also write them believably in the roles of the characters from “Star Wars”.  Admittedly I at least had examples from the show and the movie to work with, but that could only go so far. 


Having Fat Cat and Nimnul as partners, or Luwhiney as a good guy- girl- whatever, were things I had to work with from scratch.  I’m pleased to see it worked out well and “Space Wars” didn’t wind up being “Space Mutiny”.  Those who’ve seen the movie will know what I mean... those who haven’t, count your blessings.  For everyone whose took the time to read my story, nya-weh!


::With Golden Acorn in hand, KS exits the stage to polite applause.::