::Two chipmunks come on stage who look exactly like Chip and Dale, only in drag. The band plays the "Fat Cat Stomp".::


'Dale': Hi y'all, we're honored to be presenting the "Best Original Female" this year!


Audience member: But *gasp* you're just a boy!


'Chip': (annoyed) No Micheal, we are ladies!


'Dale': And we can prove it! *whistles on two fingers* Come here boys!


::The real Chip and Dale walk onstage and stand next to the podium. The female version of Dale curtsies::


Trixi: See? THEY'RE the boys, we're the Chipettes! I’m Trixi.


Daphne: And I’m annoyed…


Trixi: She’s Daphne.


::Daphne bonks her companion on the head.::


Daphne: You dummy, don't make any references to 'those others chipmunks'!


Trixi: Then what about your counterpart being called Alvin?


::Daphne rolls her eyes.::


Daphne: Just read the list Gadget gave you and explain it to them.


::Trixi takes a folded paper from the top of her dress, unfolds and reads it.::


Trixi: According to Gadget, the reasons why there are both a male and female version of us both is because 1: Nimnul's modemizer 2: Nimnul's metamorphicizer 3: We were separated at birth 4: We're evil twins! 5: A major anomaly in our conception and/or birth or 6: One of the maaaaany different timelines in "Untold Ranger Tales".


::Indy and Chris grin in the audience::


Daphne: That, or CD has been screwing with alternate universes again.


Trixi: Further proof of our independence is that we have both a natural bosom whereas the guys SHOULDN'T have them.


::She throws a suspicious glare at the two males who blush and nervously pull their collars. Indy checks the rules on his laptop to see if busoms are a forbidden term. The chipmunks decide to leave again.::


Chip: Eheheh, I believe you two can finish this by yourselves.


::The boys scoot off back to their seats.::


Daphne: Anyway, we'd better continue. The award we give away goes to the best female character of the years, who...


::Daphne looks at Trixi who found out how much fun it is to play with the spotlight control that had been placed there for this occasion. A spotlight goes through the crowd and shines brightly in people's faces.::


Daphne: Can't you be serious for once? Keep to the presentation.


::Trixi stops, and Daphne returns her attention to the presentation, but keeps an eye on her friend.::


Daphne: The nominees for 2005 are:


      Margo Haggs, Gadget in Chains

      Bubbles, Gadget in Chains

      Princess Luau, Space Wars

      Barbara Hackwrench, Nothing But A Gadget


      And the winner is...


::The spotlight moves through the audience as the light dim as Trixi searches for the winner. The spotlight finally stop to highlight...CD.::


CD: Me!?


::CD gets of his chair and runs towards the stage with his hands up and squeeling giddily. He stops abruptly as a realizationbreaks his festive dream heartlessly. He clenches his fists and glares at the two foolish girls on stage. He rushes towards the stage with an other intent now. Chip and Dale see him aproach and flee. When CD reaches the podium where the girls had been he stops and gives one more angry look before assuming their role as presenters.::


CD: Well, since you two obviously can't handle the task I'll present this award.


::Daphne and Trixi stop running and turn around. They head back to the stage to stop the usurper. As they stomp over to the podium they protest.::


Daphne: You can't do that buster! You're weren’t chosen. Beside, you're not even a girl!


CD: You two have been very misbehaved Daphne and Trixi counterparts! I'm taking over, and you are going to bed before the afterparty starts!


::Daphne and Trixi protest heavily and their words turn into chipmunk chatter. Daphne gets in the final (comprehensive) word.::


Daphne: Besides, Trixi still has the envelope!


CD: Blast, that's true. Well okay, you can go to the afterparty. But you'll be back before 4:00, in the morning that is!


Daphne & Trixi: Yes daddy.


::Trixi takes the envelope from the top of her dress. Daphne scratches her head at this. CD, who accepts it is likewise confused.::


CD: How much can a girl store in her dress?


Trixi: Anything that comes to mind.


::CD tries the control of the spotlight but accidentally shines it in his own face, blinding him. He manages to recover and

opens the envelope.::


CD: And the winner is...


::The spotlight again zips through the crowd and finally stops at the real winner.::


CD: Barbara Hackwrench, from “Nothing But a Gadget”!


::Indy and Chris return, receiving the applause of the audience as they reach the podium::


Indy: Barbara Hackwrench came out of several discussions about alternative possibilities for Gadget's back-story. Once we combined it with the android plotline, it was a natural.


Chris: Yeah, what if "Gadget" was the kindly, sweet girl they all thought they knew and loved. A woman who was more mature and intense. Barbara turned out to be a great character to write for.


Indy: And one thing I was surprised about was that no one seemed to catch the in-joke about her name. I'll let you all think about it for a while and tell you what it was when we accept our last reward.


::Indy grins and he and Chris wave as they head offstage::


Chris: What was the in-joke?


Indy: She was named Barbara and her husband was named Ken—Barbie and Ken ;-)


Chris: Ah, I had forgotten…