NeoBat:  Now we come to the part of the ceremonies that the ladies like best.  Best Original Male Character.  And to help our beleaguered, Mr. Temeson  present it we have a little lady that we know would nominate him for this award.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Ms. Rebecca Corrigan-Fairmont a.k.a., Twitch.


::Dressed in a black evening gown with a gold sash that matches her fur around her waist and tied in the back in a large bow, Twitch makes her way across the stage.  She smiles broadly upon reaching the podium and kisses Drake on the cheek::


Twitch:  How are you holding up, mousie?


Drake:  Fine, now that you’re here.  Did you know about this little trick?


Twitch:  Uh huh.


Drake:  Your dad got me real good on this one.


Twitch:  Wellllll, it wasn’t actually dad’s idea.


Drake:  It wasn’t?  The who…Oh, no.  Twitch, you didn’t.  You wouldn’t.


Twitch:  Wouldn’t I?  After all, I’ve been hanging around with you for sometime now.


Drake:  Why you little imp, you.


Twitch:  Angry with me?


Drake:  We’ll discuss this…later.


Twitch:  Turning her attention to the audience.  Good evening, folks.  I’m here with my fiancé to present the Golden Acorn Award for Best Original Male Character.  And I’m sorry to say girls that our choices this year are a bit slim.


Drake:  Hey!


Twitch:  Now, now…don’t be jealous, mousie.  I’m just speaking for the ladies out there.  And the nominees are…Ken Thunderbolt from ‘Nothing But a Gadget’.


Drake:  Dale Branchwalker from ‘Space Wars’.


Twitch:  And the winner is…Dale Branchwalker!


::A red nosed chipmunk dressed in a white tunic strolls onto the stage and makes his way to the podium, waving, bowing and blowing kisses to the audience as they applaud.::


Dale Branchwalker: Wowie-zowie!  I never thought I’d be awarded Best Original Male Character!  KS told me not to get my hopes up since he wasn’t sure I even qualified as ‘original’.  He said I was based on this chipmunk named Dale Oakmont.  From what I hear he was really brave, adventurous, heroic-


Foxglove [in the audience]: Not to mention cute!


Dale Branchwalker: Yeah, that too!  And it was great working on “Space Wars” cuz I got to hang out with people like Chip Solo and play with light sabers and blasters... though the lines were kinda hard to do, but it was worth it for the cast party afterwards.  You ain’t seen funny till you’ve watched a group of meppstroopers try to conga!


::Picking up his Award, he continues::


Dale Branchwalker: Thanks to everyone at the Cafe for this neato Award!  I’ll keep it right next to that medal I got from the Princess!  And see you all when “Space Wars: The Empire Gets Gas” comes out!


KS [in the audience]: Don’t count on that sequel, Branchwalker!


::Dale Branchwalker proceeds off the stage to the applause of the audience, which he clearly savors.::


Drake:  Tell me that I’m finally finished.


Twitch:  You’re finally finished, mousie.  C’mon, let’s go on backstage and schmooze.


::Mouse and neobat walk offstage arm in arm as NeoBat watches and applauds::


NeoBat:  That’s it for now folks.  I’ll be seeing you a little later in the proceedings.  Until then…


::Waves and leaves the stage::