::Drake stands dumbfounded at the podium while NeoBat returns to the stage applauding the departing winner::


NeoBat:  Well, moving right along.  I’d like to introduce our next co-presenter in the category of Best Narrative Description.  This, too is her third time here and from the way some of the guys have been hanging around her at the after party, I’d say she’s a hit.  And considering that she’s Alex’s wife I’d say you guys were…suicidal.  Anyway with further ado I’d like to introduce, Mrs. Alicia Fairmont.


::From stage left the albino neobat steps out resplendent in a form fitting ruby-red evening gown.  As she crosses the stage she smiles, bowing her head slightly in response to the warm reception.  Drake breathes a slight of relief as his friend reaches the podium.  He stands on his toes and gives her a peck on the cheek::


Drake:  Tell me you didn’t know about this, Alicia.

Alicia:  I’m sorry, my dear but Alex made me swear not to tell you.  I must admit the expression on your face was priceless.

Drake:  Et tu Alicia?

Alicia:  Sorry.  With a slight giggle she turns to face the audience.  Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.  As NeoBat has stated we’re here to present the Golden Acorn Award for the Best Narrative Description.  As you all know it is a good narrative description that makes a sequence come alive in the mind of the reader.  Without it a scene is not much more than words on a page.

Drake:  I know that it helps the story play like a movie in my head.

Alicia:  Exactly, Drake.  And now for the nominees.

Drake:  Liftoff sequence from ‘On the Design of  Rodent-Scale Pulse Drive Single-Stage-to-Orbit Vehicles’ by Stainless Steel Rat

Alicia:  ‘Troublesome Trucks’ by Blackadder

Drake:  Deleted Scene from ‘Last Train to Cashville’ by Stainless Steel Rat.

Alicia:  Opening from ‘C-G:  A Romance’ by Ronnie Rabbit.

Drake:  Clarice’s performance, before and after in ‘Clarice Returns’ by Rachel

Alicia:  Attack on the Duckstar in ‘Space Wars:  The Ranger Parody’ by KS

Drake:  Entering Barbara’s Headquarters in ‘Nothing But a Gadget’ by Indy and Chris Silva.

Alicia:  Opening the envelope.  And the winner is…whoa, winners! Rachel, Ronnie Rabbit, and …. Come on up!


::Rachel wipes her brow, but smiles prettily::


Rachel: Oh, I’m so glad!  I love to write descriptions, and performing is also part of my life.  I tried to stay true to life and character as I wrote about Clarice’s pre- and post-performance situations.  If you have ever been in a performance, you can understand the electricity that simply races through the body both before and after.  I hope that through my words, you, the audience, were able to see and feel as Clarice.  This section of the story was very important to me, and I am thrilled that the voters here felt the same way.  Thank you again, so very much!


::Rachel gives a modest curtsy and waves to the audience as she makes her way back to her seat::


Alicia:  Well, Drake….I must say that it’s been my pleasure to work with you this year.

Drake:  No, no, Alicia.  The pleasure has been all mine.

Alicia:  That is very nice of you do say, Drake.  I’ll see you back stage.

Drake:  You mean, I’m not finished yet?

Alicia:  Afraid not, dear.  Blows Drake a kiss and heads off stage.

Drake:  I am so gonna fry Alex’s tail for this.


::Returning to the stage, NeoBat passes the befuddled mouse with a wide grin::


NeoBat:  Don’t worry, son.  I’m sure you’ll love your next co-presenter.