::Gadget walks on stage and to the podium::


Gadget: Hello again, everyone. This year’s Best Drama category has some very worthy…


::Meanwhile in the first row of spectators--::


Dale: Let me wear your hat when I make the next presentation!


Chip: No way!


Dale: But the bet included the hat!


Chip: Did not!


Dale: Did too!


Chip: Did not!


Dale: Did too!


Chip: Did not!


Gadget: Chip, Dale. Hush! Don’t be rude. I’m in the middle of the Best Drama…


Dale: Look what you’re doing, Chip! You’re ruining Gadget’s speech!


Chip: Don’t blame me, dummy!


::A blur of brown fur pops above the surface of the audience and then descends into the orchestra’s pit. Cacophony ensues.::


Gadget (shouts): Chip! Dale!


::Both chipmunks freeze in position. Chip has an arm intertwined in the strings of a cello and Dale has a French horn for footwear::


Munks (with trepidation in their voices): Yes, Gadget?


Gadget: Be quiet, you two! I want to present the nominees for Best Drama. Do either of you have a problem with that?


Munks (simultaneous gulp): No.


Gadget: Good! Now behave!


::The chipmunks quickly free themselves from the instruments and make due haste to their seats. Gadget replaces her scowl with her trademark smile::


Gadget: Now then, where was I? Huh…huh…


::Gadget pauses in her confusion and blankly looks to stage right. Zipper, with multiple limbs in rapid motion, attempts to clue Gadget to her purpose::


Gadget: Oh! That’s right. The nominees for the 2005 Best Drama! The award for Best Drama this year has some very worthy candidates. And before I’m interrupted again, here they are:


Gadget in Chains, Loneheart
Clarice Returns, Rachel
Nothing But a Gadget, Indy and Chris Silva
Fragile September, Gwendolyn Katsche
Gadget Until Proven Innocent, Morgan K


::She draws an envelope from beneath the podium. She opens it and removes the card::


Gadget: And the Golden Acorn award for Best Drama for 2005 goes to: Rachel, for “Clarice Returns”!


::Rachel smiles shyly as she approaches the podium::

Rachel: Er, wow!  I know that I’m a drama queen, but I never expected to win Best Drama!  Over the past two years, two of the most amazing works have won Best Drama, and I am simply honored to be among them.  However, most of the angst in “Of Mice and Mayhem” and “Gadget in Chains” has been centered on Gadget . . . .

::Gadget stares down a certain few writers and artists, who try to look innocent::

Rachel: Well, I thought I’d mix it up a little and allow Chip to board the angst train, so to speak.  So, for all of his emotional pain that he has had to endure in my stories, specifically in “Clarice Returns,” I’d like him to come and accept this award with me.

::Rachel grins as Chip nervously approaches her.  She scoops him up and sets him down gently on the podium; he does his best to look pleasant for the applause, but he is clearly uncomfortable, especially when she gives him a little kiss on the cheek::

Rachel: Gosh, thank you all again– perhaps Chip and I will be back next year!

::She winks at Chip, who cringes, but he tentatively allows her to carry him back offstage into the audience once more::


Gadget: Congratulations! And sorry for the “little disturbance.”


::The inventor gives one more annoyed glare at her teammates in the front row as she and Rachel (and Chip) leave the stage::