::Zipper flies onstage.  A camera follows his every move closely, projecting it on a large screen onstage so the audience can easily see the diminutive Ranger::


ZIPPER: Zzt!  Zzzt zz.  Bzz bzt bzz, bzz- hold on a sec.


::With a disgruntled expression, the fly flips out an even more diminutive cell phone::


ZIPPER: Tad.  Yeah. Yeah, it's Zipper.  Yeah, I told you to talk to them about this - yeah, 'bzz bzz bzz', blah blah, yadda yadda.  You said we were gonna work on that.


::He listens intently for a moment::


ZIPPER:  What's that?  New writer?  Oh, that's swell, Tad!  You ARE the best agent in The City, and I mean that. You're on my Christmas card list this year again.  Ciao!


::He puts away the phone, and grins broadly at the audience.  Then he peers closely at the teleprompter - also clearly shown on the big screen overhead, so the audience can see the old 'bzzt bzzt' dialog removed, and replaced by the script he proceeds to read::


ZIPPER: ... and THAT, everyone, is what better writing can get you.


In that spirit, here's this year's nominees for Most Improved Author!


Rachel Gloess;


Ronnie Rabbit;


and Gwendolyn Katsche.


ZIPPER: And this year's winner is... bzzzt!  Er, I mean, [NAME]!  Way to go!


::Zipper toots the winner onstage with one of his trademark stirring trumpet calls to applause and laughter from the audience::


[acceptance speech]


::Zipper, as always, is content to let others take the spotlight, and has

slipped offstage discreetly during the speech.  Hey, better writing only

gets you so much... ::



Most Improved Author

::Rachel heads up to the podium, smiling broadly::


Rachel: This is one of the awards that I had really hoped to receive!  After writing “Caretaker” almost eight years ago, I knew that I had a long way to go to perfect my craft.  Although my writing is still not perfect, I am thrilled that over those eight years, I must be doing something right!  I am honored that you, the patrons of our beloved Café, have seen my efforts to improve my writing on something we all love– the Rescue Rangers.  And don’t worry– I’ll continue my efforts to improve as I keep writing about the exploits of our favorite heroes.  Thanks goes out to all of you who read my stories and give such wonderful feedback and critiques– without you, I never would have won this award.


::Rachel clasps her award to her chest, waves again, and leaves the stage::