::A flapping of wings announces to the audience the arrival of Dragon91. Flying through the huge opera house, he gently lands on the stage, the air from his wings slightly mussing the hair of the guests in the first few rows::


Dragon91: Hello, I am Charles Roberts AKA Dragon91 and I’m here to tell you whose fanfic I was inspired by that made me start writing fanfics and that person was Dr. Indy.


::The audience applauds as the spotlight shifts to Dr. Indy, who waves and smiles in kind. The attention returns to the polite dragon::


Dragon91: His story called The Times of their Lives brought me into world of fanfiction. His stories I could talk about for the whole night, He—


::Dr Indy comes up on stage and gets the dragon’s attention, whispering in his ear::

Dragon91: OH! I am sorry. I thought I was to illustrate whose fanfiction had inspired ME!


::The audience laughs, and Indy scribbles out a quick message for the dragon to read::

Dragon91: ‘This year’s best illustration inspired by a fanfic represents that best homage to a story, the picture that really makes a story come alive.’ I told you he was good!


::The audience laughs again::

Dragon: And now, those nominated for the award…


Death of a Comedian 2, by Te'Targa

"Nightmares" comic strip, by Toni

Chip leaves, based on Jeff Parkes' Poll, Tanka

Hack from Ronnie Rabbit's "Broken Glass", Te'Targa


::Dragon91 receives the envelope and carefully breathes fire across the top of it, quickly removing the card inside::

Dragon91: And the winner this year is…Tanka for “Chip leaves” and Te’Targa for “Death of a Comedian 2”!


::Tanka heads back up on stage::


Tanka (smiling): I think I should draw more...  Ah, but who's got the time?


::A snickering comes from the villains’ section::


Tanka: Wait, did I cite Fat Cat? Then I definitely have to find more time. Thank you for your support!


::As the audience claps and Tanka heads off with her award, Te’Targa comes up on stage::


[img] http://www.indyranger.com/bestillus.jpg[/img]


::Te’Targa takes his award and heads offstage. Dragon91 takes off, again blowing things around, and waving to Dr Indy as he heads for the exits::