::Tammy comes out on stage, wearing a sparkling red dress. She stops at one point, blowing a kiss to all the Tammyphiles in the audience, who blow one back to her. Giggling, the teenage squirrel goes up to the podium::


Tammy: Hi there! This award’s for the best portrait of a Ranger. Why didn’t anyone do one of me!?!


::Tammy checks the nominees list, then blushes::


Tammy: Oh, hee hee…sorry. I just assumed that if anyone did one of me that…well nevermind


::Tammy collects herself and continues::


Tammy: The Best Portrait award recognizes the artist or artists—and I’m betting artists given the trend this year—who capture the spirit of a Ranger so perfectly that everyone is just taken away by it. So, let’s see who the nominees are…


Monty cheeze attack!, Te’Targa

http://www.aika.ru/mypics/kisg_aikaru.jpg, Ruslan

"Kisses" by Ruslan

Older Bink, Toni

"Gadget & The Way Things Work", Nathan

Tammy the mage, Toni


Tammy: And now the winner…


::Tammy flourishes the envelope, brought to her by an admiring stagehand squirrel::


Tammy: We’ve got a date after the show…jealous, Chipper?


::Chip ducks down into his seat, the audience laughing::


Tammy: The winners are “Kisses” by Ruslan and…WHAT! “Older Bink” by Toni!


::Bink jumps up and down gleefully in the audience as Toni comes up on stage::


Toni: Okay, first of all, I have to send a big thanks to Winston as this picture

 is basically just a rendition of his design of an older Bink. And thanks, I guess, for him not minding the nomination of this pic. And also thanks to all the people who considered the older Bink as being part of the Ranger group. So all in all, this pic winning in this category came as a big surprise to me. Many thanks!


::Toni heads off quickly, avoiding Tammy’s searing gaze::

Tammy: Ruslan? Hey, has anybody seen Ruslan?


::Sparky stands up::


Sparky: He said he had to make a phone call to home, but if he wasn’t back that he was glad to win the award and thanks to everyone!


Tammy: Well, I guess that’s it, then. Thanks everyone!


::Tammy heads offstage, muttering something about “can’t believe I was edged out by my own sister…”::