::After Fish and Indy move offstage, Jeff once more goes to the podium::


JP:Our next category is for Best Black and White Image (Greyscale). And here to present the nominees for this year's Golden Acorn, please welcome the heart and soul of the Rescue Rangers, and by far the most frequent artistic subject in the Rangerphile community, Miss Gadget Hackwrench!


::Massive applause breaks out as Gadget walks across the stage, waving shyly to the audience, the spotlight following her all the way to Center Stage.Jeff (literally) gives her a hand up to the podium, and adjusts the microphone for her before stepping away::


Gadget:Golly, thanks everyone!You know, people use the term "black and white" all the time to refer to something that's clear and precise, in graphic detail, with no ambiguity.


::she shudders involuntarily::


Gadget: Jeepers!I almost sound like a Disney lawyer!!


::the audience responds with a knowing laugh::


Gadget:Anyway, the point is, that a "black and white" image isn't necessarily "black and white."I mean, it *is* "black and white" in the sense that it's pen and ink on paper, but it's not "black and white" in the sense that it's just bold lines and stark contrasts.I mean, it *can* be that way, but on the other hand --


JP (interrupting before Gadget can get too carried away):What Gadget means is, that the images nominated tonight have more of a softness and characterization to them that sets them apart from what is commonly referred to as "line art."Hence the use of the term "Greyscale" to describe them.


Gadget:Exactly!That's what I was saying!And because they are, it's a thrill to introduce the following nominees, because they all are such fantastic examples of this art form.And best of all, I'm not the only one in the pictures for a change!


::grins as the audience chuckles::


Gadget: Seriously!The other Rangers, and our friends, deserve to be in the spotlight, too, and I'm glad to see they're here among the potential winners.


Anyway, the nominees for Best Black & White Image (Greyscale) are:


Gadget on the railroad tracks, by Oleg. Gosh, did memories of "Last Train to Cashville" go through my head while I was posing for this one!

Sparky and a exploded radio, by TeíTarga. Poor Sparky! See, this is why you want to always be properly grounded when you have a perpetual static charge of 1.21 decawatts and are standing near sensitive electrical equipment.Don't worry, though, his fur grew back. Mostly.

Monty cheeze attack!, also by TeíTarga.Ah, Monty and his one true love!

::sighs and puts her clasped paws under her chin::

Gadget: Isn't it *romantic*?

::she chuckles as the audience laughs, but Monty just harrumphs as he pauses eating his cheeze-puff::

Monty:Gadget, luv, you know that ain't true! Me first love is BRIE '86 and you *know* it!

::more audience laughter at that, and Gadget continues::

Medieval Princess Gadget, by Artist. Oh, by the way, he let me keep the costume, too!

Gadgetís Classroom, also by Artist. Next time I hold lessons, I'll have a way to keep Chip 'n Dale awake!

::Gadget grins as the chipmunks gulp nervously::

Fat Catís Birthday Present, by IP Guest. Actually, Fat Cat seemed to like our present.He even invited us over to his next birthday party...as his...dinner guests.

::Gadget thinks about that a moment::

Gadget: Um...somehow, I don't think we'll be going.

Clarice standing, and Clarice sitting, both by Te'Targa.::Gadget looks at Clarice::Golly, I hope you're ready for Ranger stardom after all these years, Clarice!

Canina leFur:And years, and years, and *years*...

Clarice: HEY!

Gadget:And finally, Dale Proposing to Gadget, by Chris Silva.Um...gosh, you know something?I've been proposed to so many times by so many guys, that I just can't decide!So I might as well announce right now that I've decided to end my Ranger career and become a nun instead.

::the male members of the audience clutch their hearts in stark terror at the thought, and Gadget grins::

Gadget: Just kidding! I'd never become a nun, guys.Unless they had an order of flying nuns, that is.

::turns to Jeff::

Gadget: You're Catholic, right?Do they?

JP:Um...not since Sally Fields left it and found Burt Reynolds.

Gadget (shrugging):Oh, well. Too bad!

::grins again at the audience, and holds her paw out for the envelope, which Jeff opens.He hands Gadget the card inside it....::

Gadget:And the winner of the 2005 Golden Acorn for Best Black & White Image (Greyscale) is....well, itís a tie for both of Artistsí pictures! I donít think thatís ever happened before. Come on up, Artist!

::Instead, Indy heads up on stage, carrying a piece of paper::

Indy: Artist couldnít make the trip but he gave me this speech. ďI want to thank everyone who voted for my pictures. I am very appreciative. Thank you all!Ē

::Indy and Gadget head offstage, Indy taking Artistsí awards to the deliveries department to send to him::