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::Fish and Toni come up on stage, an award there for each of them. Fish takes the microphone first::


Fish: Oh man…this is too much. All I can say is that it must have been a photo finish as this community is rife with talent! I'd like to thank all the café artists from here and around the world - who are an inspiration to me.  Although being in Sydney- I suppose "here" IS around the world for most of us. Excuse me, a wallaby just picked my pocket.


::Toni accepts the award and just stands there for a while with a shy grin while his face turns a deep shade of red::


Toni: Uhm... well, the people who know me know that I'm not all that good with words, so I hope it's okay if I make this short and sweet. So, many thanks to you for liking my small doodles enough to vote for me, especially as there were so many other good artists to choose from, many of which whose art I like myself very much. So... thank you all!


::Fish takes his award and goes looking for his wallet while Ratatouille and Philippe continue their artists’ duel. Toni grins and waves as he heads offstage. Collette poses for pictures until Indy sends out the stage hands to move her and the two dueling artists. She blows kisses to the audience as she leaves::