Best Artwork


::A female mouse with brown fir and long black hair, clad in a black jumpsuit, strode out onto the stage.  The sparkling blue belt about her waist and the silver wolf’s head brooch being her only concessions for the special occasion.  Doohickey “Dee” Hawkfeather stopped upon reaching the podium at the center of the stage.::


Dee: Despite being canceled nearly a decade and a half ago and receiving hardly any real air-time since, the Rescue Rangers have continued to inspire fans to create works of art.  Out of those created over the past year, one is chosen as best embodying the heart and soul of what the Rescue Rangers mean to the fan community.  This year, the finalists for this honor include:


RR Logo Mosaic by pupspals,


Jeff’s Ranger Mosaic by Jeff Parkes,


Clarice Standing by Te’Targa,


Clarice Sitting also by Te’Targa,


Older Bink by Toni,


Gadget in the Night by Mikhail,


Gadget’s Cosmos also by Mikhail,


Resurrection by Mikhail as well,


The Rangers of Oz by Fish,


Fantasy Rangers Group Shot by Toni,


and The Poem by Bock’s Car and Lotacats.


::Dee removes an envelope from inside her jumpsuit.::


Dee: And the recipient of the Golden Acorn for Best Artwork is...The Rangers of Oz!


::Fish heads onstage, eagerly taking his place behind the podium::


Fish Thanks, everybody! A special shout out to the back to back incessant showings of my kid's Wizard of Oz DVD- which left me with no other ideas except this one, and to Zipper's mom- who sewed his costume.


::The audience applauds while Fish accepts his award. He and Doohickey head offstage::