::Chip and Dale walk out on to the stage together. Dale, decked out in his trademark colorfully striped evening attire, looks particularly pleased while waving his arms about and blowing the occasional kiss to the crowd.


Chip, on the other hand wears a scowl, arms crossed, muttering under his breath. It takes the audience a few seconds before it realizes the source of Chip’s irritation. He’s wearing an exact replica of Dale’s jacket. The spectators burst out into laughter.


A beaming and thoroughly amused Dale positions himself behind the podium::


Dale: Hey, how are ya? Before I begin, I’d just like to ask you all out there in the audience…Do you wanna know why Chip is dressed like this?


::The theatre fills with shouts of ‘Yes!’, ‘You bet!’, and one very loud ‘Who cares why! As long as he’s upset about it!’. Dale turns to his teammate, who is standing to his left and slightly behind, and gives him a mock look of indecision::


Dale (low voice): Do what want to tell them or should I?


Chip (with clenched teeth): You’re pushing your luck, Oakmont.


Dale (covers the mike with his paw): You lost fair and square. If you bonk me or come after me, Monty’s gonna make you wear that jacket all night. (smiles devilishly) It’s your choice. So who’s gonna tell ‘em? You? Or me?


Chip (in a hiss): Go ahead then! Just get it over with!


Dale (removes paw from microphone): Well, folks. Seems Chip’s a bit testy right now and doesn’t want to speak. And since we’re all here for a good time, I’ll spare him from further embarrassment. I’m just gonna say this:


::And with a grin the Cheshire cat would be proud of…::


Dale: Guess who lost a bet?


::The entire crowd laughs and claps wildly. Chip stamps his left foot in fury, but remains in place. Dale, realizing he’s won the moment, moves on::


Dale: And the nominees for this award are:


Tanka, for her CDRR Mistakes page

Indy, for his Ranger Museum

Stephen C & Indy, for the Acorn Café

Ray Jones, for his Ranger Calendar


::Dale pulls the envelope from his inside jacket pocket and speaks in an overly dramatic voice::


Dale: And the winner… of the 2005 Golden Acorn Award… for Outstanding Website Achieve…


Chip: Get on with it, nuts-for-brains!


Dale: Geez, try to have a little fun, Chip. This is a celebration. (Clears his throat) As I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted…


::Chip just glares at Dale from the corner of his eyes::


Dale: The 2005 Golden Acorn for Outstanding Website Achievement goes to…Tanka for her CDRR Mistakes Page, and Indy and Stephen C for the Acorn Café!


::After a little quarrel between SVZ and Tanka they both go to the stage::


Tanka: Sometimes it seems to me that I love this mistakes collection even more than the show. It's a pleasure to see that this section has achieved such a scale and is honored by other Rangerphiles. It encounters hundreds of hits every day and I continue to receive new mistakes regularly.


SVZ: I think we should applaud Tanka who has converted a small collection of mistakes into a comprehensive catalogue-guidebook.


Tanka: ...and to SVZ who took the baton from me.


::Tanka takes the award, SVZ fishes a large sack from somewhere, they put all their awards there, Tanka ties up a red ribbon, and they leave the stage as Indy and Stephen C head up::


Indy: Thanks to everyone who voted for the Café, but of course we can’t take all the credit for it.


Stephen C: But we can take all the credit we can…


Indy: Uh, yeah. Anyway, we’re glad to provide the Rangerphile community with a good place to gather and share their Rangerity. We hope it’ll last until our children’s children are enjoying the Rangers!


::Indy and Stephen C take their awards as Chip and Dale congratulate them. The two chipmunks watch the winners head offstage::


Chip: Yeah, yeah! Congrats! Are we done here?


Dale: Yup! For now.


::Chip storms off, sheds his jacket before he even reaches backstage and tosses it irreverently at a stagehand. Dale, still at the podium, shakes his head disapprovingly::


Dale: He shouldn’t treat such a great jacket like that! Am I wrong, guys?


::Cheers accompany Dale, who has arms extended above his head with his paws in a Nixon-esque double “V-for-victory” gesture, as he exits stage left::


Dr. Batorious: Stay tuned. When we return, we’ll begin the artistic awards. But first, this…