::As the curtain falls, several stage attendants wheel the rest of the Golden Acorn statues into place for the rest of the ceremony. The glittering awards resemble a regiment of golden soldiers, standing at attention. And at the moment, they had the attention of one Fat Cat. He and the goons had made their way backstage unseen and waited until the attendants left to advance::


Fat Cat: Okay, so far so good. Most of the awards are still here, so if we work fast we can move these dollys they're on and get them downstairs and packed away before anyone knows anything about it. Questions, friends?


::The goons look around to see who's he's addressing as "friends."


Wart:Are you talking to us?


Fat Cat: Who did you THINK I was talking to, the Three Stooges?!?


Wart:We're here for you, pal.


Mepps: The Three Stooges are here? I want their autographs!


Fat Cat: Actually, it's four stooges...named Mepps, Wart, Snout and Mole!


Mole: Hey, they have our names too! Maybe we're famous over here!


::After Fat Cat instructs them all to "shut up and get pushing" the five feline felons start moving the dollys and the awards on them::


Fat Cat: This'll be like taking candy from a baby.


Cheddarhead: Too bad there ain't any babies around, mate.


::The bad 'uns turn around to find the Rangers, along with Cheddarhead and Kate::


Cheddarhead: I ain't had a jolly punchup since breakfast! Don't go and spoil it by surrendering!


Mepps:Should we just beat ourselves up to save time?


Fat Cat: You do-gooders are all alike. Get them!


::The goon squad obeyed, but the Aussies were ready. Monty, Kate and Cheddarhead went to work on them, and it was only Fat Cat's call to "Retreat" that kept it from getting worse::


Chip: Way to go, Monty and family!


Fat Cat: I'll have my revenge, Rescue Rodents! And I'll get those trophies yet!


Chip:Why don't you write some fanfiction or draw and earn one honestly!


Dale: Yeah, you're probably a Gadgetphile in secret, I mean, who isnít?


::Fat Cat runs off in disgust, the Goon Squad scattering in several directions as well. Once outside, the crime kitty stops to catch his breath. Then he chuckles wickedly::


Fat Cat: You just think you've thwarted me, Refuse Rangers. But you don't have a clue as to what I'm going to do next, or what I'm really after!


::The cat's satisfied laughter echoes outside the Opera House::