Best Original Website Section


::A small, female mouse in a motorized wheelchair makes her way to the center stage. She extends a slender arm and removes the microphone from its perch on the podium. A bashful smile on her bespectacled face, she timidly waves her paw to the spectators and brings the mike to her mouth::


Trackball: (chuckling nervously) Hi folks. It’s great to be here at the Golden Acorn Awards. I don’t take many vacations or travel often but I am thoroughly enjoying myself on this little holiday. I can honestly say that my first visit to Sydney has been nothing short of wonderful and that this city’s residents are truly hospitable.


::The not-so small Aussie contingent of the crowd unleashes a loud and boisterous cheer. Trackball waits for the enthusiastic response of the locals to subside. As the decibel level finally returns to one that Trackball can talk over with the aid of a microphone, she removes a cue card from her jacket, adjusts her glasses and, in a more confident tone, continues::


Trackball: Like many of you, I enjoy the vast and wonderful world that the internet has to offer. It is an incredible and magnificent source of information and a tool we can all utilize for numerous purposes, both work and play. And of course, it provides the means to have this thriving, prolific and diverse community that I see before me.


::Once more, a thunderous applause breaks out, peppered with many offerings of agreement in the local vernacular::


Trackball: Oh yeah. Before I forget, I’d like to thank my boss for allowing me to be here as a presenter at this year’s ceremony. I’m a busy mouse, but he was kind enough to let me come. Thanks again, Mr. Nowak.


::More cheers and whistles fill the auditorium::


Trackball: Over the years, Rangerphiles have created some outstanding and original website sections. And this year’s nominees are no exception. For the Best Original Website section, we have:


Indy’s “Rescue Ranger Episode Guide and Commentary”

Tanka’s “CDRR Mistakes Page”

Pupspals’ “Acorn Café Guest Map”

Ray Jones’ “Rescue Ranger Calendar”


Trackball pulls out an envelope. She breaks the seal and pulls out the slip of paper.


Trackball: And the winner is…well, there’s more than one! Pupspals, Ray Jones, Tanka, come on up!


Pupspals: Woo hoo!


::Pupspals climbs out of her seat into the isle::


Pupspals:  I knew I shouldn’t have sat in the middle of the row.. Sorry guys!


::She runs up to the stage & accepts the award from Trackball::


Pupspals:  Thanks a lot guys!  For those who don’t know, this started out of my own curiosity sake & for a school project.  I was doing a presentation on the Rescue Rangers for a speech class & wanted to say how wide spread the fans were all over the world.  But it took forever to look up everyone’s bios to find out where they were from.  Also I didn’t know where a lot of these places were!  So since I already have a “guest map” from Bravenet for a VeggieTales website I had, I created a new account, set this up, & let everyone add themselves to it!


I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who’s liked to see where everyone is! I’d like to take this time to also say for anyone not yet on the Map, to please put yourself on!  You’ll find the link in my signature.  If I haven’t directly invited you, please don’t take any offense or anything, I’m just busy with school & can’t always post when I think of something...  Please add yourself to this!


::The ushers begin handing out flyers with the URL for Pupspals’ guest map::


Pupspals: I’d also like to say that a lot of sites and podcasts out there have been using Frapper maps.  I haven’t had time to investigate these yet, but if anyone’s interested in switching from this Bravenet format to that, let me know & I’ll look into it, otherwise we’ll just keep this running for all to see!!


I’d like to thank God, my parents, my friends, ... & mostly all you guys who voted & put yourselves on the map!  This would be a waste of bytes if not for your guys’ input!  Thanks a LOT!! =D



::Ray Jones runs out on stage::

Ray: To use my favorite quote, "Golly"!


I'd like to thank everyone on behalf of the contributors to the Rescue Ranger Fan Calendar for this great award.  It's certainly not just my award - I contribute the occasional item, but 99% of the work is by others.  I just do a basic cut-and-paste job.

Mind you, I do have to do some resizing - and I hope I don't step on anybody's toes in the process - and I DO try to arrange the pictures to be complementary.  But if the artists and authors did not give permission to post their work, there would be no calendar.  So this is more your (sweeps his arm across the audience) award than mine!


Originally, the calendar was conceived to be just that - a calendar.  Birthdays, events, and a picture or two.  But the RR community is far too prolific and energetic to be limited to just that.  As the ongoing torrent of Rangerphile creativity continued, we soon had too large a backlog of fine art to continue with only one page.  The calendar has grown into a monthly multipage on-line gallery.  And that is how I do think of it - as an art gallery with works from across the Rangerphile world displayed on its walls.  Not everyone approves of this format, and for one good reason or another, many fine artists have chosen not to participate.  But there is nothing in the world, nor any person in the world, which or whom enjoys universal acceptance.  We have also been able to bring in a few fine pictures by people who are not active in our fan group - always with permission, of course


And at this time, I'd ask that Rangerphiles give a special "thank you" to KOH, of our Russian fan-friends- for assembling this year's "Russian Special Edition".  This was one of those transfiguring things that we can all be proud of - that Rangerphilly has brought together representatives of so much of humanity.  That a simple cartoon can bring together people who were once political opponents, but who now are fellow people in a global community.  If there is one thing we can point back to in the future as an example of CnDRR bringing about something of real worth in our poor old world, this would be it.  And I can say that, as I myself had nothing to do with it - it was entirely a work of members of the Russian fandom.  Can we have a round of applause for KOH and company?




Well sir - we do need to keep moving along, so I'd like once more to thank all of you for your contributions and your support.  It's deeply appreciated and I'm grateful to have the chance to work with such fine people and such great work.  Thanks!



::SVZ looks surprised but Tanka nudges him and he stands up, turns to the left and then to the right with restrained bows and goes to the stage::


SVZ: My respects to the emcee and the audience. I have to admit that I'm very pleased to be present here as a recipient of one of the awards.


I take the award on behalf of all Rangerphiles who thoroughly watch the series and look for mistakes. And my special esteem to my friend Tanka who has started this section and let me help her!


I make no secret of the fact that my participation in making the site devoted to the rangers is dictated of my selfishness in many respects. For a long time I'm... u-u-um... not indifferent to Gadget and I'm always eager to make something dedicated to her and her friends.


::Gadget blushes in the audience and the other Rangers smile back in kind::


SVZ: I hope Chip and Dale will be indulgent to my heart and let me go without black eyes.


::The audience laughs and Chip and Dale go into mock fighting stances::


SVZ: I'm proud of the work of my colleagues and me. And let this funny screenshots and mistakes collection be a lesson to animators. You don't say so! More the one mistake per minute!


::Trackball offers the winners a hug and hands the Golden Acorn to them. SVZ makes a ceremonial bow, glances at Gadget and goes from the stage. Ray Jones and Pupspals walk off stage while the music plays. With chants of the winners’ names and Trackball’s, the group departs::