::Sparky comes out on stage::

Sparky: What was I here for, again?:


Indy (offstage): The most informative website award!


Sparky: Oh yeah. Which one is it?


::The audience starts to giggle, and Indy pushes Sparky out on stage, giving him a handwritten note to read::


Sparky: Welcome everyone, to the 2005 Golden Acorn Awards! My name’s Indy and…


::Indy runs back out on stage and snatches the paper away, giving Sparky another one::


Sparky: Oh, thanks. My name’s…Sparky and I’m here to a-ward the trophy for Most Informative Website.


::Sparky puts the paper down::

Sparky: You know, Information Theory’s rather interesting. These two humans, Shannon and Weaver…


Indy (offstage): THE AWARD!


Sparky: Award? Oh, there’s an award here. I’d better present it…


::Indy covers his face as the audience laughs and Sparky continues::


Sparky: The Most Informative Website keeps all of us in the know. We love the folks who do these, because they’re the keepers of the Ranger knowledge. Now, let’s see who they are:


The Acorn Café

Indy's Ranger Museum


Sparky: Well no wonder you were so eager to get things moving. You’re about to win something again!


::The audience laughs again and Indy shakes his head in frustration::


Sparky: And here’s the envelope. Let’s see…the winner is the Acorn Café!


::Indy and Stephen C come up to the podium. This time, Indy allows Stephen to have the speech::


Stephen C: Well, we can’t really claim this title alone. It’s all of you out there who make the Café so informative. So here’s to you!


::Indy and Stephen C take their awards and Indy takes Sparky offstage, who had been staring blankly at the audience::