::With an embarrassed look on his face, Ian runs onstage after missing his cue. Trying to forget his mistake, he walks up to the podium, pulls out a paper with a few notes scribbled on it, and acts as if nothing happened::


Ian: The next award is for Best Website Layout. This award goes to the website that best combines organisation and creativity to make an informative and user-friendly site that is also a preferred stop in our little piece of the internet.


::Pauses for a few seconds to look at his notes::


Ian: Keep it short to balance out the long-winded speakers….oh wait, that’s Indy’s note…


::The audience laughs while Indy pulls down his fedora::


Ian: The nominees are:


The World Association of Montyphiles, run by Jeff Parkes

Indy’s Ranger Museum

And Jones Scientific, run by Ray Jones


::Opens the envelope and slowly pulls out the card::


Ian: The winner is…Jeff Parkes for WAM! , the World Association of Montyphiles!


::Jeff, an average-built twenty-something redhead with a forest green suit that makes him vaguely resemble a leprechaun, steps up to the microphone::


Jeff: Wowzers! What an honor! When I first started WAM! back in 2001 it was just one page of me ranting about how Monterey Jack needed more respect in the online community. I barely knew anything about HTML, and that page was constructed using the robust Frontpage Express, by Microsoft.


Nowadays, I've advanced in knowledge, dropped the "Express" from the program I'm using, and the site has a few more pages, but it's still pretty simple, and I think that's the key to websites. They may look like they were designed in the 90's, but they're easy to navigate, and that's the important thing. Anyway, I'd like to thank all those who have contributed to the WAM! cause, and especially Matt Plotecher for a lot of early support. Thanks!


::Jeff holds up his award as the audience claps in approval. Ian waves and give Indy an apologetic shrug as he heads offstage::