::Ditz comes out, looking around strangely::

Ditz: Was that someone from home?


::The audience laughs::


Ditz: Anyway, Iím here to present the award for Best Website Content. Indyís told me a lot of these are going to be long, so letís just go to the nominees. Iíve got to head for Umchuck Five right after this, anywayÖ


Best Website Content


Russian CDRR HQ

Indy's Ranger Museum

Tankaís CDRR Pages


Ditz: And the winner is..


::Ditz uses his mind powers to blast the letter open::


Ditz: Indy and Tanka!


::Indy comes up on stage::


Indy: Iím really glad you guys like the Ranger Museum. Itís been fun for me to put Rangerish stuff out there for you for the last few years, and I hope to keep on keeping on in the future!


::In a moment, he is joined at the podium by Tanka::


Tanka: I guess you want to make me even more slender by running up and down the stairs!


::The audience laughs, Fish in particular::


Tanka: Thanks for your care... and for the third award also. Seriously, it's a great honor for me to know that my CDRR Pages live not only in the Net but also in your hearts. Thank you.


::The audience claps, and Indy and Tanka head offstage. Ditz turns invisible, though you can hear him walking offstage::